The Best Fall Activities For Kids

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Happy fall mamas!

Now that the leaves are turning gorgeous colors and there is a chill in the air, it’s time to start on some fun fall activities with the kiddos! Fall is my favorite time for arts and crafts or doing certain things outdoors. So I’m going to share with you the best activities you can do with your kids this fall!


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The Best Fall Activities For Kids

Let’s start with the simple crafts your kids can do on their own or with your help! These are what I call “basic” crafts that every kid should do during the fall because it really gets you into that fall spirit! Is there actually a fall spirit? I mean, if there’s a Christmas spirit then there has to be one for the fall right?  Feel free to chime in with your opinion. 🙂

Indoor arts, crafts, and projects.
  • Glitter Leaves – My son and I did this last year and will be doing it again this year. It’s fun, simple and makes a really pretty way to decorate for fall!

Here are the instructions: Gather some leaves, popsicle sticks, and or construction paper. Have some glitter glue of your choice, ( we use Mod Podge ) and you can use ribbon or string if you want to hang your leaves.

Make sure your leaves are dry, but not super crunchy, lay them out flat on paper towels or paper plates, use a paintbrush to decorate your leaves with glitter glue, around the edges, just the veins, or all over the entire leaf.  After the glitter glue is dry, you can glue the leaf to a popsicle stick or to a piece of cut out construction paper.  Stick them or tie them anywhere you wish! Or, just leave them as is and let them live on your table or in a  glass vase.  Whatever you want to do with your leaves, they are going to look great! I also added some colored loose glitter and metallic paint to ours!

glitter leaves fall decor |


  • Scribble Monsters – Now you can do this cute little project any time of year, but since we’ll be spending more time indoors over the next few months I wanted to include this! I love it so much!

Simply take any scribble you or your child makes and add some googly eyes, arms, legs, yarn, or whatever else you’d like and turn it into a monster! I stole this idea from a lovely fellow blogger friend of mine from Rowdy Rascal Kids. It’s just the cutest idea! I can’t wait to do this!

Scribble monster art |


  • Traditional Hand Turkey – This is always a Thanksgiving craft staple. Every kid should make a hand turkey at least once, if not a few times ( their hands are always growing! ) Simply use colored construction paper, have your child or yourself trace your child’s hand on the paper then carefully cut it out.  Attach some construction paper “feathers” eyes, legs, beak, however you want to design your turkey! Below is a picture of my son’s adorable little hand turkey!

Hand turkey craft |


  • Decorated Mason Jar/Glass – This is just a super simple little thing I did to dress up some drinking mason jars that I set around at each place at our table. All I did was use Mod Podge to gently glue a leaf onto the back of the jar/glass. I also took chalk label sticks and put them on the front so everyone could write their names. You can see how nice, simple and minimalistic this is, and you can glue multiple leaves or just one as I did.  Or get creative and tie a ribbon around your glass or whatever else you can think of!

Decorated mason jar glass for fall |


Outdoor Activities
  • Build a leaf pile – this seems a bit of a no-brainer, but I didn’t want to leave it out! This should be a fall activity for every kid! Get outside on that perfect fall day, rake, and gather up all the leaves in your yard and build the perfect pile to jump in! ( think a perfect Instagram Boomerang) If you don’t have a large yard or a ton of leaves in your neck of the woods, perhaps ask a friend or relative to “borrow” their leaves? Or try your local park! Just get out there and jump in some leaves this fall!


  • Flag football or tag – a great outdoor activity for the kids or both the kids and you is to go out and play a game of flag football or tag, depending on the number of kids, ages and interest levels.  It’s always fun to run around and play in the crisp autumn air and play a good game. You could even come up with a different game if you only have 1-2 kiddos or if they’d rather do something less physical.

Fun fall activities for kids! |

  • Apple picking or pumpkin patch outing – one of the best parts of the fall season is the abundance of pumpkins, pumpkin patches and places to pick fruits like apples. These are great outings for the kids that are classic.  We went for the first time this year, it was a blast! Head out to your nearest pumpkin patch or be on the lookout for an apple orchard and enjoy some pickin’s! Take your apples and bake an apple pie or apple muffins, carve up your pumpkins or make pumpkin cookies or even some delicious baked apple donuts!


  • Biking and hiking – other classic and fun outdoor activities perfect for this time of the year is taking a scenic bike ride or a hike! Before it becomes too cold to be outside, take the opportunity to get the fam out and active! Enjoy a nice bike ride with the kiddos or challenge yourselves to an uphill hike. Whatever you do, just get out there and enjoy the quality time together!

There are so many wonderful activities and alternative Halloween ideas to try this fall and I hope you enjoy the season!

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Much love, and snuggles, JessXO

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  1. Therose

    October 9, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    I love the glitter leaves idea. I just found your blog. I can’t wait to read your other post. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Jess10

      October 11, 2018 at 5:31 pm

      Oh wonderful!!! Thank you so much! 🙂

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