How To Prep Your Home for Summer

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Summer is coming!

Let’s get ready to welcome her with my tips on how to prep your home for the summer! When the kids are on summer break, so are the moms. Goodbye morning school drop-offs, late-night homework projects, (if your kids attend school, unlike us), and the constant running around to various extracurriculars—we’re officially in summer mode!

Although having kids at home 24/7 can be overwhelming at times ( I assume? LOL) there’s less pressure to commit to certain obligations. To make the most of summertime,  prep the home for both practicality and summer fun. Here are some tips and tricks to try this summer season.

How To Prep Your Home For Summer

Secure the Home Maintenance Duties

Summer weather can do a number on homes, from torrential downpours and high winds to intense heat and humidity. Before getting into the fun stuff, I knock out all the necessary home maintenance duties. The sooner we act on those maintenance demands, the more time we have to sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer.

How to prep your home for summer |
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After spending hours outdoors in the blazing sun, we want to come back to a refreshingly cool home. Getting the AC units checked and cleaned ensures the family won’t melt away when indoors. Another important summer maintenance task to check off is clearing the gutters and drains. Clearing away debris from gutters and drains ensure they operate optimally and direct any water away from building up around your property. I’m all for summer swims, but not if it’s a result of your home flooding!

Stock up on Mosquito Combat

Another practical summer preparation is stocking up on anti-mosquito tools. With the sunny forecast and summer breeze and blooms, I want to savor my time outdoors for as long as possible. However, mosquitos like to ruin the moment. All it takes is one bite, and the skin swells, itchiness spreads across the body, and discomfort settles in.

Citronella candles, mosquito spray, homemade repellents, and smoke from campfires deter mosquitos, letting us claim back our rightful territory. Keeping garbage away from outdoor hang-out spots and minimizing food waste outdoors also decreases the chances of running into a swarm of mosquitoes.

Style the Poolside Patio

There are numerous ways to style a poolside patio to enhance pool parties, pool days, and poolside lounging. It’s time to bring them back into the sunlight after keeping the porch furnishings and pool floaties at bay during the off-season. Spending time by the pool with the proper outdoor setup improves the quality of the experience significantly. Not only does this adjustment provide a place for those who can’t swim, but it also increases the poolside appeal.

Do you have a pool at home? If so, I am super jelly! I have always wanted a little pool in my yard but our property is just not flat enough, too many hills and too much dirt! But if you’re lucky enough to have a personal pool….can I come over?

Invest in Backyard Fun

Nowadays, stores offer a range of backyard toys and games. Instead of the typical bubble blowers or splash pads,  fill your yard with various forms of entertainment, from giant chess boards and blow-up obstacle courses to playground setups and sports games. A good hammock setup, treehouse, and rocking chair can also make a huge difference to the backyard experience.

Summertime home prep ensures that most of your summer itinerary consists of relaxation, time spent with the kids, and lots of outdoor fun. We are ready to make the most of summer, from stocking up on entertainment to keeping the home in top shape to withstand the intense weather.

How excited are you for summer? I am on pins and needles over here! Summer is my favorite and I can’t wait for warm sunny days and cute outfits!

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Much Love, JessXO 

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  1. Erica Lancaster

    May 19, 2023 at 9:18 am

    Such good ideas to prep for the summer! Part of our seasonal maintenance is to get our carpets cleaned to make sure they’re all ready for consistent foot traffic from the kids haha. I find it makes such a difference in the feel of the home for the summer!

    1. Jess10

      May 19, 2023 at 8:47 pm

      That’s great! 🙂

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