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Are you a busy and slightly crazy single mama? Me too!


About Me:

I’m Jesse Murphy, thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog for single moms! 

  I’m a blogger and stay at home mompreneur. I also dabble in writing (my first novel is in the works!) and have a passion for geeky things, music and movies, not to mention I’m a  homeschooling mommy to my extremely spirited son. My previous experience is as a virtual assistant and in marketing, but now my focus is all on my blog, being a contributing blogger for other amazing blogs, and finding ways to make everything work…without losing my mind! 

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Here on On Your Own, But Never Alone, I write about topics that I hope will speak to you as a woman, single mom, and entrepreneur. I can’t wait to share things with you! As a blogger, my goal is to write things that are on my mind, my feelings, opinions, advice, experiences & more. As well as some fun stuff to help you manage your time, home life, work life, and all that crazy stuff as a single mom. I hope you love my blog and connect with me. So stick around, share with your friends and let’s support each other and empower one another, that’s what we as women should do. Am I right!? So come join me here and go subscribe to my blog by putting in your email and info! Join my tribe! Now go be a rock star mom!


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