The Best Books For Kids Of Single Moms

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Hey mama!

Today I want to bring you something a little different. I know it can prove to be quite a challenge to be a single mom, and sometimes communicating the situation and putting things in the right words for your children can be tough.

So I thought I would help out and provide some books that may help your kids to understand the beauty and the pain of being raised with just you.

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The Best Books For Kids Of Single Moms

Let’s dive right in with a list of wonderful books for both younger and older kids that deal directly with the subject or just simply showcase characters with a single-parent family.  Make sure you have your clicker finger ready so you can bookmark or add to cart for all of these great books!

  1. Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon – This fun and sweet book about young Amber Brown is perfect for any kid with divorced parents. With fun and heartwarming content, Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon is a great book that I’m sure your little one will love!

2. Was It The Chocolate Pudding? A Story For Little Kids About Divorce – This book for children is direct about the subject of divorce. Using kid-friendly language and clear explanations, with a very tender message, Was it the chocolate pudding? does a wonderful job of helping you to explain why divorce has happened to your family and gently address any questions they may have.


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3. Getting Through My Parents Divorce – This is an in-depth workbook for older kids and tweens/teens to help them better understand their emotions, thoughts, and loyalty conflicts if there has been a recent divorce. With 33 activities and 2 psychologists to help them navigate the difficulties of having divorced parents,  Getting Through My Parents Divorce is a handy workbook for kids who may be suffering the negative aspects of a family split.

4. My Single Mom (My Family) – This book is a treasure. It takes you through a day in the life of little Kenneth when his classmate comes over to realize that Kenneth only has his mom and discovers that it is love that makes a family and that even without a dad, his life is full.  My Single Mom is a learning book for families that is a part of an absolutely remarkable My Family series! A fantastic read!

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5. Do I have a daddy? – This book specifically deals with a preschool-aged child who is teased about not having a dad.  Pulling on the heartstrings, it explains how having an absent, deceased, or unknown father does not mean they are not loved or have a real family. If you are a 100% single mom and your child/ren’s “father” is out of the picture, like mine, then this book is a MUST have.

It gently helps you address this missing element to your child and will give you a base to use as a way to explain your personal situation. Do I have a daddy? is a lovely book that I highly recommend and wish I had known about when my son was little.

6. Raising You Alone –   Perfect for kids as well as moms, Raising You Alone is a sweet book with heart and humor about the everyday ups and downs of life as a single parent. You will enjoy this story and your kids will too!

7. I Didn’t Leave Because Of You –  This book aims to help children understand and accept an absent parent. Sometimes kids in these situations can think the other parent has abandoned them or that they have done something to cause the parent to leave, so this book may be helpful if your child is struggling to understand these heartbreaking times.  Consider reading I Didn’t Leave Because Of You with your child if you are afraid they are feeling responsible for the separation.

“This picture book hopes to comfort children whose parents have left them.” – Kirkus Review
“I Didn’t Leave Because of You is a love letter from the absent parent to the child left behind.”  – Nathalie Mvondo (Multiculturalism Rocks)


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Have any of these books stood out to you? I hope you have found some material to help you with this single mom journey!

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Much love and giggles, JessXO

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