Why Single Parenting Is Never Wrong

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Hey mamas!  I’m about to ruffle a few feathers, so hang tight.

I’ve been very upset lately because I have been hearing and reading a lot about how so many people have negative views and opinions on single parenting and I have had enough!  As a single mom, I am very offended by people always criticizing me on raising my son on my own. I’ve heard everything from it isn’t right, it’s not good for the child, it’s emotionally unstable blah blah blah! I’m so sick of it.  It’s all a bunch of bunk. So today, I’m going over the reasons why there is nothing wrong with being a single mom!

Why Single Parenting Is Never Wrong

The people who criticise have never had to be single parents so they don’t have a clue or any right to say the things they say. They may throw statistics or so-called “science” out there to try and convince you that raising a child without a father, or in some cases, a mother is wrong and bad for the child. Well, let me tell you something. When you are a single parent, by circumstances or by choice, it is never wrong. How could it be?

We are more than capable of raising children without the help of another parent.  Millions of parents do it just fine and we don’t need a bunch of stuck up, critical and judgemental folks up on their high horses telling us that loving our children and doing our best for them is wrong.

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Being  deeply upset by this issue  I can no longer hold my tongue, (or fingers, in this case. ) I have chosen to work from home, so I can be with my son all the time. Since I am his only parent I feel that it is right to make myself more available for him and to be present with him all day. I know that he needs me, and he has not missed not having another parent around. I am more than enough for him.  I homeschool him, I take him to basketball practice and cheer from the stands, I do art projects and play legos with him, we have movie nights and heart to heart talks. I answer all of his life questions and explain things he needs to understand, we read books, say our prayers and I tuck him into bed each night as he drifts off to sleep with such a peaceful expression.

So tell me, how is that wrong exactly?  My son is happy, well adjusted and does just fine without a father. He came into the world in that cold delivery room to just me, all he ever needed was just me and all he will ever need is just me. I have enough love, time, dedication and strength to be enough for him as he grows up and I believe the same for all single parents.

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We know our children, and if we feel that something is missing from their lives or they express to us that they need something then we will fulfill their needs to the best of our abilities and make sure that they know how much they are loved. If they ever need more, then we will do our best to give it to them. Your statics may be accurate for some, but not all and in the end, it’s more about the child’s own choices in life and less about how they were raised that determines their behavior. At least that’s my opinion. Take a look at this article published on The Huffington Post, it’s a great read! 5 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Single Parent

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I know I’ve gotten a little intense in this post, but this issue just makes my blood boil. When it comes down to it, God gave us our children. He chose us to be our children’s parents and God doesn’t make mistakes. We can only do our best, and our best will always be good enough. People may want a father for my son, but I certainly don’t need a man, and neither does he. He has told me so and I take his word for it.  As single parents, we are stronger, tougher, and full of more love. We are perfectly capable of giving our kids everything they need.

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Love & Laughter,

Jess XO


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  1. babiestobookworms

    February 6, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    Preach! We know what is best for our children!

  2. Lovely Little Lives

    February 7, 2017 at 6:55 pm

    I admire you as a single parent. You are doing an amazing job 🙂

    1. Jess10

      February 9, 2017 at 11:48 pm

      Thank you!!! I really appreciate that 😀

  3. sarasuesue

    February 13, 2017 at 9:35 am

    I have been a single mom for a very long time. And I get the hurtful comments, I understand the pain of when you are doing everything right, that people still say you are missing the mark. And I mean no disrespect to you at all but
    You can be the most amazing mom to your little boy and take him to every game, practice, rock him sleep, wipes the tears, make the science project, work two jobs, take him on vacation, teach him to ride a bike..everything.
    but you can never be a dad to him, you can never fill that void. you can’t show him the value of being a man/ a father/ a husband.
    I pray every day that my son’s father will see what he is missing and show his son what means to be a positive male. But until that day, I do what I can to be the best parent ever. And it is exhausting. I pray that God puts other men in my son’s life to help him to build him in the areas I can’t. A coach, a teacher, a next door neighbor. God will provide in another way even if my son’s father chooses to ignore where God has asked him to be.
    I hope that makes sense and does not come across hurtful.

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