How To Give Your Kids Everything They Need As A Single Mom

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Hey mamas,

Do you often feel like you can’t provide everything your kids need as a single mom? Do you struggle financially and sacrifice your own wants to make sure your kids have what they need? It’s a normal way of living as a single mom, and it can be difficult.  But it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Sticking with the topic of budgets, finances, and money, let’s dive into some tips on how to make sure that everyone is happy and you are not left penniless. Sound good? Let’s go.

How To Give Your Kids Everything They Need As A Single Mom

One of the most difficult things that all single moms face is trying to keep their little family afloat financially. Now that there is only one income coming in for your family to survive on, you could find that your budget becomes a lot tighter. Unfortunately, as you will need to also spend a lot of your time looking after your kids, you might not be able to take on any extra work to improve your money situation.

Kids come first, and being home with them is top priority. Don’t worry, though; there are still ways you can make things easier and ensure that you can afford to get your children everything they need in life. Read on to find out how it’s done!


Apply For All The Benefits You’re Eligible For

As you are a single parent, you will be eligible for quite a few extra financial benefits. If you are a single parent on a low income, then you could be able to claim for quite a bit of financial help. It’s crucial that you find out exactly what you are eligible for so that you can then claim for it.

If you don’t claim, then there is no way you will get any benefits – this is something you need to be proactive about as you won’t be informed about what money you can claim. So, if you haven’t already, it’s worth going online and seeing what kind of benefits are out there for you. Or simply request applications at your local county services building. If you do not already receive services such as EBT (food stamps) or cash aid, you will probably qualify for these. 

Don’t be ashamed or too proud, your family needs these benefits, so go for it with your head held high. You are doing something to help improve your family’s quality of life. Don’t ever feel low about that.


Regularly Review What You Owe

You will be the sole head of the household, so you have the ultimate financial responsibility for the entire family. It’s up to you to know exactly how much you have coming in and going out every month so that you can stay on top of all your money management. So, you might want to take some time to see exactly what you owe and need to pay off each month.

This includes all debts and monthly bills. If you are currently struggling to keep on top of all this, you might want to go to or a similar website and see what help is available for you.   Debt can be a huge burden on anyone’s shoulders. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to pay it off or bring down your monthly payments. Everyone needs help sometimes. 


How to make sure you're able to give your kids what they need when you're a single mom |


Create A Budget

Figuring out exactly how much money you have coming in and out of your household each month can help you create a monthly budget. In the budget, you should allocate set amounts of your income to things that you need to spend money on, such as groceries and your rent or mortgage payments. Following a strict budget will prevent you from overspending and can help you save as much as possible. 


Save Before You Spend

Once you have been paid, you should take out the money that you want to save. This can then be placed straight into a savings account, such as one of the ones listed at This is a great way to ensure you don’t accidentally spend any of your savings.

Another great way to save is not to give into your kids when they beg for the latest thing they think they have to own. Learn to say no, or find a more affordable option for them. They may not like it in the moment, but someday they will understand and appreciate you.

Mother and son |

You can give your kids everything they need and they will be alright. They don’t need those trendy clothes from a certain brand, or the newest iPhone to be happy. You can give them what they need most, which is you. 

For more tips on saving money and budgeting, go here.


Once you start following the tips above, you will find that you have a lot more money to spend on the kids, and hey, maybe even yourself! 

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