Summer Learning Activities for Middle Schoolers

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Hey mama,

Summer is a great opportunity to spend time with family. If you have middle school kids, there are many activities you can do together. Since summer is typically a time where school and learning come to a pause, consider trying some of these summer learning activities for middle schoolers.

Summer Learning Activities For Middle Schoolers 

Summer leearning activities for middle schoolers |
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Summer Reading List

A summer reading list is a great summer learning activity for middle schoolers. The summer reading list can include as many books as you want, plus you can let your child pick out some of the books.

Summer is also a great time to consider ways to build a child’s reading comprehension. Take the time to ask questions or have discussions about what your child is reading. You can also incentivize your child by offering a reward when they finish their reading list.

Nature Walk

A nature walk is a great way to get moving during the summer. If you have a forest preserve nearby, consider taking your kids there for a nature walk. You can turn this into a field trip by focusing on the things around you. What birds do you see? Are there any animals around? Can you identify the names of the trees?

You can talk about nature and even have a scavenger hunt with your kids. While you walk around outside, take pictures of the things you see. When you get back home, look up the items you found online. If there’s a bird your child saw but couldn’t identify, you can figure it out together.

Math With Chalk

Lastly, it’s a smart idea to buy some chalk at the start of the summer. Your kids can draw with the chalk on the driveway or sidewalk, which allows them to use their creativity. You can also turn outdoor time into a mini math lesson. Make it fun by turning the math problems into a game.

Write math problems down with chalk and have your child answer them. You can time them while doing it to make it more fun. You could also put math problems into hopscotch squares and turn it into a game. Using chalk is a fun way to practice math problems, plus it’s a helpful strategy for visual learners.

I hope your middle schoolers enjoy these activities and don’t grumble too much! Give this post a share and consider sticking around and joining my mama tribe so you never miss out on new posts, giveaways, updates, and motherhood quote graphic freebies sent to your inbox!

Love, JessXO 

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