Why People Love Leggings

Hey friend, So I’m starting a petition to make leggings more acceptable, and there are many that’ll back me up. Other than the odd one or two see-through occasions, I don’t understand why so many deem leggings—especially quality ones or daily wear versions—as inappropriate. They […]

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Tips for Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe

Hey friend, One of the first steps I took on my sustainability journey was to start shopping more eco-consciously. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters today, both in manufacturing and in garment waste. Dressing sustainably helps me feel like I am doing […]

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The Best Clean Hair Care Products

Hey! I’m excited to continue my clean beauty series by bringing you the best clean hair care products! As with everything else that goes on and in your body, it’s essential that the products you put on your hair are clean! Especially if they touch […]

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Never Alone Mom