Ways You Can Feel More Comfortable in Your Body

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If you’re struggling to feel good about your body, you’re not alone. Women almost everywhere struggle with self-image because the way female bodies are doesn’t usually line up with how society wants them to be.

Mix this with busy lives and the physical demands of pregnancy and parenting, and you get plenty of moms like yourself who might feel frustrated in their own skin. If you want to feel more comfortable in your body and celebrate it for the powerhouse it is, then I’ve got some advice for you (and myself) below.

Ways to feel more comfortable in your body | neveralonemom.com
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Ways You Can Feel More Comfortable In Your Body 

Fall in Love With Movement

First up, exercise for the joy of exercising—not for the perceived obligation of doing so. Now, I’m not saying you have to run a marathon or join a grueling fitness challenge (kudos if you can and want to, though!). Instead, you can find joy in simple activities like dancing in your living room with your kids, taking a brisk walk in the neighborhood, or even stretching gently in the morning.

Daily light to moderate exercise will boost your mood and strengthen your body, helping you feel more comfortable and confident. And remember that the goal isn’t to change how you look; it’s to stay healthy and take care of yourself. Doing this intentionally and consistently will help you fall in love with your body and all the ways it moves to support you.

Curate a Flattering Wardrobe

Next, curate a flattering wardrobe. It’s amazing how much dressing for your body type can boost your self-esteem! Invest in pieces that complement your shape, make you smile when you glance in the mirror, and suit your busy lifestyle. Fashion is supposed to be fun and reflective of your personality. Whether you’re rocking the school run or enjoying a much-deserved night out, feeling good in what you wear massively enhances comfort in your own skin.

Nourish To Flourish

Forget diet culture and food influencers—these usually just make people feel worse about their bodies. All you need to focus on is eating a balanced diet filled with foods that energize you and work for your specific health needs. Eating intentionally but freely can make a huge difference in how you feel physically and emotionally. Plus, cooking can be a wonderfully creative and satisfying process. Get your kids involved and make it a fun family affair!

Be Nice to Yourself

The way we speak to ourselves in our heads is incredibly powerful. Strive to be your own biggest cheerleader rather than your own worst critic. Celebrate your successes, however small, and treat yourself with the same kindness and encouragement you’d offer a friend. Your body is a rockstar for having gotten you to where you are in life—put it on a pedestal and treat it kindly with your thoughts, words, and actions.

Another way to be nice to yourself is to unfollow social media accounts that are triggering. Influencers who make you feel less than others, who share diets, overwhelming fitness routines, or just simply make you feel like you can’t measure up. Consider finding accounts that feature more laid-back people, fun tips, outfit ideas for your own body type, etc. Don’t watch others that bring feelings of negativity, bitterness, or inadequacy.

Finding ways you can feel more comfortable in your body is an ongoing process and wonderfully personal. It’s not about achieving perfection but about celebrating the unique and incredible individuals we are as busy moms with a world to conquer. Here’s to feeling fabulous in your own skin every single day!

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Much love, Jess XO 

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