Self-Care Tips For When You’re Struggling With Loss

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Today we will be chatting about a serious topic, that is sadly a part of life but is important to talk about. Let’s get into it.

Dealing with the loss of someone who meant a great deal to you can feel almost impossible at times. You can be consumed by grief and other surprising emotions like regret, and sometimes even a hint of relief that their suffering is over, which can make you feel guilty for even allowing such a thought into your mind.

It’s a lot for even the most emotionally resilient of us to deal with, right? But deal with it we can! Sure, it might not always be easy and grief might come and go in waves, but if we take the proper care of ourselves, we can get through it,


With that in mind, below, you will find some of the best self-care tips to help you deal with loss.

Self-Care Tips For When You’re Struggling With Loss 

Self care tips for when you're struggling with loss |
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Understanding and Accepting Your Grief 


When you have lost someone, it is really easy to slip into denial, but this will only prolong your grief and make things harder for you in the long run, It is much better to do whatever you can to accept your grief sooner, rather than later.


Loss, in any form, can evoke a spectrum of emotions, from profound sadness and anger to disbelief and guilt, and you need to know that it’s totally okay to feel these emotions; they’re a testament to your love and connection to what you’ve lost.

Understanding the various stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance—can also offer some solace in tough times. Just be aware that these stages aren’t linear, and you might find yourself moving back and forth between them, and that’s perfectly normal. By acknowledging your feelings, you’re doing great and taking the first step toward healing.


Creating a Memorial


Your loved one may be gone, but they will always live on as part of you, and you know what? Creating a memorial for them could help you to remember them in the best possible way, while also helping you to heal from your grief. 


Your memorial could be as simple as dedicating a corner of your room to display photos, keepsakes, or even their favorite books, or even getting yourself one of these beautiful urns which hold photographs or pictures so you can keep them close and keep the happy memories on display. Alternatively, planting a tree or a garden in their memory can be a living tribute that grows over time, symbolizing the enduring nature of love. Do whatever feels right for you and whatever you think would honor the person you lost the most.


Finding Comfort in Routine 


Amidst loss, the world can seem chaotic, and the familiarity of routine can be a comforting balm. Strive to maintain simple daily habits—whether it’s your morning cup of coffee, a short walk, or bedtime reading. These rituals don’t have to be elaborate; the key is their regularity, which can provide a sense of stability and normalcy. Incorporating self-care practices into your routine, like mindful meditation or gentle yoga, can also help soothe the mind and body, grounding you in the present moment.


Seeking Support from Others


Grief can often lead to isolation quite simply because you do not feel like going out and having fun with friends when you have just lost someone; for many people, it feels disrespectful to do so, However, your loved one would not want you to suffer and kock yourself away; they would want you to be with people you love and who love you back at this hard time, and being with people who under=stand will help to comfort you, and maybe even lift your spirits.


Journaling Your Journey 


Sometimes, getting your feelings out of your head and down on paper is all you need to start coming to terms with things, You can be as unfiltered as you like, and you will find emotions coming out that you didn’t even consciously know you had. This will enable you to work with them more effectively to heal.


Exploring Creative Outlets 


Whether it’s painting, strumming a guitar, or weaving words into poetry, being creative can be a profound way to work your way through grief, It will enable you express yourself in a beautiful way getting out those emotions and acknowledging your loss, so you can eventually start to move on.


Practicing Mindfulness


You feel so many conflicting emotions when you are giving that you might think it’s impossible to find any calm at all, but mindfulness meditation is a great way to find peace and make your peace with your feelings, even in the toughest of circumstances. By focusing on the present moment and acknowledging your thoughts and feelings without judgment, you can cultivate a sense of peace amidst the turmoil, and this will undoubtedly help you to care for your own mental health at this difficult time. You won’t forget but you will learn how to accept everything that is happening.


Nurturing Physical Health 


It’s easy to neglect our physical health when our hearts are heavy with grief. However, taking care of our bodies can significantly impact our emotional well-being. Simple activities like going for a walk in nature, practicing gentle yoga, or engaging in any form of exercise you enjoy can boost your mood and energy levels.

Physical activity releases endorphins, nature’s mood lifters, helping to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Moreover, ensuring you’re eating nutritious meals and getting enough sleep are fundamental aspects of self-care that can strengthen your body’s resilience and support your journey through grief.


Getting through the inevitable life’s journey that is grief is never easy, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone and that the person you have lost would not want you to feel this way forever! They would want you to do everything you can to start feeling better, and that means practicing lots of good old-fashioned self-care to get you back to where you need to be. Take your time, give yourself a break, but do the work!

I hope you found this helpful and that you find strength amidst this difficult time. Be sure to subscribe before you go so you never miss out on new posts!

Much love, Jess XO

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