Types of Clothing That Should Never Go in the Wash

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Laundry is a never-ending chore, and my daily battles against various stains, smudges, and mysterious pokey bits have made me a seasoned laundry champion.

In the midst of this fray, I’ve learned there are certain garments that I must brandish not with soap, but with care. There is an elite set of clothing items that, once in your wardrobe, demand a truce with the washing machine. Let’s explore the types of clothing that should never go in the wash.

Types Of Clothing That Should Never Go In The Wash 

Types of clothing that should never go in the wash | neveralonemom.com
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Silk Garments

Silk, that luxurious, billowy fabric, is the diva of the wardrobe—high-maintenance, but worth the fuss. As I look through my wardrobe, I pick out my exquisite silk blouses and slip dresses, knowing that submerging these in a wash cycle is an absolute no-no.

The delicate fibers can’t withstand the rigors of the machine’s roughhousing, so I handwash my delicate garments in lukewarm water or take them to the dry cleaner to maintain their softness and luster.

Embroidered Pieces

When I think of fancy, I think of my rhinestone-studded evening gowns and intricately embroidered jeans. I’ve learned the hard way that these pieces are types of clothing that should never go in the wash. Washing rhinestone-studded clothing items can be nerve-racking for any fashion lover, risking not only the integrity of the embellishments but the item’s shape as well.

For these garments, spot cleaning is the ideal alternative. Or you can entrust these works of art to a professional cleaner—they have the expertise to keep the sparkle and structure intact.

Padded Protectors

My blazers and suits, with their meticulous tailoring, are the sentinels of confidence in my closet. The padded shoulders and structured forms of these items shouldn’t be squandered on a tumble with detergent. Dry cleaning is their ritual, as this process is a necessary means of maintaining the sharp lines and power poses they’ve become accustomed to. It’s a small sacrifice of convenience for the assurance that I’ll stand tall and poised each time I don my power suit.

Delicate Sweaters

We all have sweaters, likely with some woolen wonders and Angora acquaintances among them. Their fuzzy warmth is not a defect but a feature—a sign of delicacy that begs for gentle handwashing or professional care.

A tumble in the washer would unravel the fabrics’ natural beauty and possibly shrink their embrace. That’s why I treat these knits with the respect they deserve, ensuring they warm my heart without the wash’s warp.

In the tumble and the tussle of routines, it’s important to remember that certain clothing items deserve special attention. Through dry cleaning or handwashing, you can preserve not just fabrics but memories and moments. It’s a timeless tale of caring for your clothes and receiving the care they offer in return.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful and keep these types of clothing in mind each time you’re throwing items into the wash! Be sure to subscribe before you go so you never miss out on new posts or the fun in my monthly newsletter!

Much love, Jess XO 

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