A Glowing Complexion: 6 Secrets to Exfoliating Your Skin

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We all want to better care for our skin as we age. I know when I turned 30, I practically had a crisis seeing any new dark spots and fine lines.

All that this taught me was that I needed to make a change to my skin-care routine. Here are the secrets I’ve learned about exfoliating my skin for a glowing complexion.

A Glowing Complexion: 6 Secrets To Exfoliating Your Skin 

A glowing complexion: 6 secrets to exfoliating your skin | neveralonemom.com
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Chemical Exfoliants Are Gentler on Sensitive Skin

Instead of using abrasive substances, chemical exfoliants work at a deeper level without requiring intense scrubbing. AHAs like glycolic and lactic acid and BHAs like salicylic acid are some of the chemical exfoliants to choose from. They can address a myriad of skin concerns, including acne, aging, and hyperpigmentation.

I personally cannot use these chemical exfoliants as I suffer from severe cystic acne and they are way too harsh for me, but if you have a more normal skin type then I recommend giving these a try! I do suggest doing a patch test the first time, just to make sure your skin doesn’t have any kind of reaction.

Oily Skin Benefits From Physical Exfoliation

Oily skin will improve immensely with the implementation of a physical exfoliant. The granular texture acts as a deep-cleansing tool that sweeps away the buildup of dead skin cells, oils, and other impurities lodged in the pores.

Look for products that contain natural exfoliants like ground walnut shells, coffee grounds, or sugar, and avoid synthetic exfoliants that have plastic beads that can potentially cause damage to your skin.

Consistent Application Produces the Best Results

Radiant skin won’t happen overnight. Trust me, I’ve tried. Rather, aim to incorporate exfoliation one to two times per week as recommended.

The skin gradually sheds its dead skin cells when you exfoliate regularly. It reveals fresh, healthy cells underneath. Over time, this promotes the natural renewal process to improve texture and tone.

Put On Moisturizer

Too many times, I’ve forgotten to moisturize after exfoliating. I always think that my pores are fresh and clean, so I don’t want to put on another product that will jeopardize that!

The truth is that moisturizing is an essential step when exfoliating. Without this nourishing product, the skin is more susceptible to dryness, sensitivity, tightness, and discomfort.

Integrate Toner Into Your Exfoliation Routine

Toner often acts as a secondary cleanser that restores the skin’s natural pH balance. While you need to avoid applying excessive products after exfoliating, toner can be the exception.

Toners can include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to provide additional benefits. Just be certain to check the active ingredients so that the exfoliant and toner don’t have an adverse reaction.

Don’t Apply Excess Skin-Care Products After Exfoliating

The skin will be more sensitive after exfoliating. That’s why moisturizer is a must! However, applying excessive skin-care products after this routine can be overwhelming to the skin.

When I exfoliate, I stick to applying toner, a simple moisturizer, and eye cream. Then, I put on sunscreen the following day before leaving the house.

Say goodbye to persistent dry skin despite daily moisturizing. By incorporating each of these secrets to exfoliating the skin, it will be impossible not to notice the new glowing complexion.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you’re looking for product recommendations then stick around because I will be sharing my top beauty favorites very soon, you won’t want to miss it so subscribe now!

Much love,

Jess XO 

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