The Mom Makeover: How To Feel Rejuvenated

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Hey Mama friend,

Becoming a mom doesn’t mean compromising style for comfort; in fact, our lives continue to change, just like our wardrobes should adapt with them. If your fashion sense has been lost amid all those diapers and bibs, don’t worry; I have you covered!

Let’s dive into some ways you can rejuvenate your style and spirit! Are you ready for your mom makeover?

The Mom Makeover: How To Feel Rejuvenated 

The mom makeover: how to feel rejuvenated |
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Time to Declutter

Like bread crumbs in a fairy tale, follow the trail of toys, baby clothes, and maternity wear to your wardrobe’s Land of Forgotten Style. Once there, uncover it by sorting out those “practical” and “just-in-case” items that may have accumulated over time.

Should you accept this mission of decluttering, your first mission should be separating wheat from chaff – leggings from stained sweatpants! Only keep items that make you feel fabulous even on busy mom days! Keep only those pieces that make you feel fabulous even after decluttering; remember decluttering should create space for something fresher within you to come alive again!


Dress to Impress…Yourself

Clothes are more than mere coverage or warmth – they’re an expression of yourself! So whether it be at the playground, grocery store, or parent-teacher meeting – wear something that makes you feel like the Queen you are.

That doesn’t have to mean dressing in full ball gown attire (although if that’s your style). Find something between comfort and style that makes you feel your best – ditch those baggy tees for chic tunics instead; upgrade from worn-out sneakers; or slip into jeans that make you look like royalty because ultimately it all counts when it comes down to who counts – which is you!


Accessorize Wisely

Who said jewelry and children don’t go together? Now is the time to break out your jewelry collection from storage and show it some light of day again – earrings, necklaces, and bracelets can add flair and character to any ensemble! Look for pieces that are kid-safe and won’t become choking hazards or become easily damaged.

Think chunky wooden beads, tassel necklaces, or hoop earrings. Scarves add color and dimension while also acting as handy spit-up cloths! Diaper bags don’t have to mean being boring: there are chic totes and backpacks out there to be seen with, which can add flair without compromising practicality. Weigh all your options when accessorizing wisely; remembering to find items that add style without sacrificing practicality is key!

Chin-Length Hair Styles: Your New Go-To Look

Let’s face it; motherhood can be hectic and finding time to style our locks may not always be possible – which makes chin-length hairstyles such a godsend! This versatile length is ideal for busy moms – it provides enough length to pull back when necessary, but short enough to style quickly without getting grabbed by little hands.

Best of all, this versatile cut flatters virtually everyone! Consider a timeless classic like the bob, an easy and chic style to maintain that works well for any event or special occasion. Or how about adding some edge with a shaggy lob (that’s a long bob for those unfamiliar) which adds texture and gives your look some edge?

If you’re feeling bold, textured waves or tousled beachy looks can add that effortless “I woke up like this” glamour. And don’t forget accessories aren’t limited to your neck and ears – hair clips, headbands, and scarves can add extra pizzazz in no time at all. Chin-length hairstyles provide the ideal balance of style, manageability, and practicality; don’t be intimidated into opting for one at your next salon visit!


Make-Up Magic

No one needs to be a MUA (make-up artist) of celebrity status in order to achieve an elegant look; all it takes is a few dab of makeup to boost confidence and add that extra shine in your day! Start off with a quality BB cream that provides coverage, hydration, and SPF protection in one simple product. Add some blush for that healthy, rosy glow we all crave; unfortunately, none of us get as much rest as desired!

One swipe of mascara can do wonders to awaken sleepy eyes. For lips, tinted lip balm provides color while keeping lips moisturized. Finally, to keep midday shine at bay carry around some blotting sheets for midday glare control – and there you have an effortless everyday make-up look in less than 10 minutes – who says being a mom means giving up style?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


Revamping your mom look isn’t about becoming someone else; rather, it means remembering who you were prior to motherhood and adapting it for who you are now. So embrace motherhood’s chaos, messiness, and beauty without forgetting you are more than a mother; a style maven in the making!

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Much love, Jess XO

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