5 Ways To Lift Your Spirits When You’re Feeling Down

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Hey girlfriend,

In life, we’re all going to have those moments where we don’t always feel our best. And that’s okay. We’re all human and we can’t be feeling great and happy at all times. But when that’s the case, it’s always going to be important for us to be able to do what we can to lift our spirits and bring ourselves back up.

Yet, when you feel down, it’s not always easy to know what to do or how you can lift your mood a little. So here are 5 ways to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down! 


5 ways to lift your spirits when you're feeling down | neveralonemom.com
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5 Ways To Lift Your Spirits When You’re Feeling Down 

1. Go Outside

First of all, you’re going to want to think about getting outside. This can work in two ways. The first is that a change of scenery can always help you. It will help you to shake things up in your mind and to try to walk off your angst. Plus, the physical act of being outside, moving, and in nature can have such a calming effect too. 

2. Exercise

At the same time, we have exercise. Now this really doesn’t mean that you have to be a huge gym buff, but you are going to find that some kind of movement is going to help lift your spirits. It could be just getting outside and going for a walk. Maybe it’s yoga. Or if there’s a certain kind of activity that you love to do, do that. It’s all about getting your body going and letting the endorphins do their thing.

My personal choice is always to dance. I put on some music and just dance it out and move my body. It makes a world of difference and always helps me to connect with my feelings and literally dance the stress, anxiety, and depression away. At least, for a little while.

3. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Another thing that you can do is to look to spend more time around the people that you love. You may find that being around people can instantly lift your spirit. Human connection and company can work wonders. So try to get out and be around others if you need a bit of a happiness boost.

4. Dress Up

Another thing that can really work wonders is dressing up. Our clothes can fill us with confidence. Whether that’s the idea of going out and looking for new tunics for women or a new style of shoes you’d like to try or just playing dress up in your own closet. The idea here is to lift your spirits by feeling great in yourself. Pampering yourself can also work a treat too.

One of my favorite people to follow on Instagram has this great saying, she says ” get dressed to feel your best!” She’s not wrong! So change out of those dingy leggings you’ve been in for the last 3 days, and put on a cute outfit!

5. Make Fun Plans

Finally, it’s always a good idea to make fun plans and look to enjoy yourself when you’re feeling down. Sure, self-care does go a long way and can help to keep you grounded when you do it consistently, but sometimes we just need things to look forward to. It can be a coffee date with a friend or a vacation – as big or as small as you need it to be. The whole idea is that you can feel uplifted by putting these plans in place.

I hope these simple ideas will be a huge help to you the next time you’re feeling down! Always remember you’ve got a friend in me ( starts singing song from Toy Story) and you can always send me an email or a message on Instagram!

Also, make sure you’re subscribed before you go, so you never miss out on new posts or anything else I have going on! 😉

Much love, Jess XO 

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