Trying Viral Beauty Products – Do They Live Up To The Hype?

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Hey girlfriend,

Today, we’re trying viral beauty products! It’s a daily occurrence these days with social media to see ads, or influencers sharing all these viral products. It’s so tempting to snag them up and see what all the hype is about, and that’s exactly what I did! So, I am here to share my honest opinions and reviews on a few viral beauty products that I have been seeing a lot of people talk about. Are they actually any good? Let’s find out!


Trying Viral Beauty Products – Do They Live Up To The Hype? 

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Trying viral beauty products |
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Viral Product 1

The first product I am going to review is one that’s being labeled as a “dupe” product for a much more expensive one. I’m talking about the e.l.f  Halo Glow Liquid Filter. I have never tried the Charlotte Tilbury product that this is apparently a dupe for, but I am not letting that alter my opinion on this or its claims to be a filter-like finish.

So, with a claim like that, how could I not try this out? It took a while to get my hands on it, since it sells out everywhere very quickly, but I finally got one and have been using it for a few months now in different ways and with different products so I can give a full rundown of this stuff.

Basically, the e.l.f  Halo Glow Liquid Filter is a skin tint-like product you can use over, or under your foundation, or even on its own. It’s supposed to blur pores and texture for that filter-like effect on your skin. But does it work?

Well…yes, and no. It does very slightly blur my pores and texture (which I have a lot of) but not to where I can see enough of a visible difference. What it does do, however, is add a very heavy glow to my skin, which can be a good thing if that’s the look you’re going for…but for me, since I already have very oily skin, it just makes me look way too shiny and greasy and I have to constantly powder my face… so I am not sure I have a concrete opinion on this.

If you have very little texture on your skin (lucky you) and also do not have oily skin, this might give more of the desired look you are after and live up to the hype and its claims for a filter-like finish to your makeup. But for me, it’s just as if I’ve dipped my face in a bucket of grease…so I think it really just depends on your skin type. If you haven’t tried it yet, to see how it works on your skin, you can shop it right here.

Viral Product 2

So you know how I mentioned Charlotte Tilbury earlier? Yeah, let’s circle back to that brand real quick to talk about one of her all-time most viral products. Say it with me….Pillow Talk. The many times viral lipstick is still going strong and has lost no power in the world of beauty. It’s something I have been dying to try ever since it first came on the scene a few years ago.

The price for this gorgeous shade is pretty steep however, and my bank account frowned on me purchasing it, so I opted to try the lower-cost coordinating lip liner instead, so I could still at least experience the color. What I didn’t realize though, is that now there is an entire Pillow Talk line of lipsticks and liners and different shades.

So when I ordered the lip liner, I didn’t know I had somehow gotten something other than the O.G color. The liner I received is in the shade “medium – 2” and is a slightly brown nude shade that although is not what I wanted to try, is still a very neutral shade that I think works for most skin tones.

Is it pretty? Yes. Does the formula work well on the lips? Yes. Is it the original color that I intended to try? No. Will I be re-ordering it in the correct color? You betcha! So, I’ll be back with an updated review once I’m able to get my hands on that original Pillow Talk shade.

Viral Product 3 

Another very popular product with claims of helping with skin texture and pores is the Versed Doctor’s Visit Instant Resurfacing Mask. With ingredients like glycolic acid, pineapple enzymes, AHA-BHA, and more,  it helps to even out your skin tone, and texture, and fight against the signs of dull, aging skin.

Being exactly what my skin needs, I absolutely had to give this miracle mask a shot! Using it 1-2 times a week, at night as per the directions for several weeks now, and this is what I have noticed….I can see a very subtle change in how deep my scars are, they do look more “filled in” and my all-over texture is slightly even out.

I think it’s safe to say, that the mask does do…something. I haven’t noticed any drastic results, but perhaps over time, with continued consistent use, I will start to see more of a difference. Is it worth it? Yeah, I think so. If your skin needs a little extra boost, I would try it out and see how it works for you!

Viral Product 4

Next, we are going back to a very popular product from e.l.f  The beauty influencers have gone wild for this stuff and now I know why! I’m talking about the e.l.f  Poreless Putty Primer. The primer that I’m sure you have seen all over Tik Tok and Instagram, maybe even YouTube Too!

This skin perfector in a jar, claims to minimize pores, and blur your skin for that flawless look for perfect makeup application. I, of course, was a bit skeptical…so I bought the mini version first and tried it out. Let me just say this…GAME CHANGER! Like no, for real. This stuff actually works brilliantly to give your skin that almost filter-like look of no pores and smooth skin.

I just got the full size and can’t go back to life without it. My makeup sits so much better on my skin and looks less cakey, and I have this overall smoother texture that I really love! This is a definite must-have beauty product, and it pairs best with the e.l.f Camo CC Cream Foundation which I also really love!

Viral Product 5

When it comes to trying viral beauty products, you have to keep an open mind and consider that everyone is different, and things might not always work for every person, so with that in mind, let’s move onto the last viral product!

Have you been seeing a lot of talk about heatless curls lately? I’m sure you have! This contraption is the reason why, and I needed to see what it is all about for myself. This is the viral Heatless Curler from Kitsch. 

The idea is to wrap or if you’re fancy, braid your hair around the curler, leave it on while you sleep, or during the day if you’re going out at night, and viola! Perfect waves and or curls without applying damaging heat! Looks simple enough and the results look amazing! But does it actually work?

I have seen countless women online use this product with perfect results, so it does appear to do the job. But, I don’t think these results will happen for everyone. I have been trying this for a while now, and just can’t seem to make it work for me. The problem seems to be my hair type. Not only is my hair shorter, (shoulder length) but my hair is very coarse and thick, making it nearly impossible to stay wrapped around and also to hold a curl effectively.

Another thing I notice is that it works better on others if you braid 2 interchanging strands of hair around it, which I am unable to do because I have no idea how to braid hair and I have never been able to learn how. So I just simply wrap my hair around and around which doesn’t produce the proper desired results of curls. So, I will say that if your hair is longer and thinner, and if you know how to braid, this will probably work very well for you. But if you are more like me, it probably won’t…so try it out for yourself and let me know how you do! Bonus points for a pic! 😉

That’s a wrap! See what I did there? Hehe…anyway, I hope you enjoyed this fun post, I love trying viral beauty products! Please let me know in the comments if you have tried or are excited to try any of these products and make sure to subscribe before you go so we can stay connected and you never miss a thang!

Much love, Jess XO 

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