The Top Ways To Repurpose Your Old Clothes

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Hey girlfriend,

Let’s face it—we all have that closet space dedicated to clothing from eras past that we continually add to every year. I know I do. So many of us have a section like this in our closet because parting with our clothing can be quite challenging for various reasons.

For one, we don’t want to toss those items in the trash and contribute to the ever-growing textile waste. I even cringe at the idea of doing so. That’s why I like to give my old clothing a new life by repurposing them. Read on to find out the top ways to repurpose your old clothes.

The Top Ways To Repurpose Your Old Clothes

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T-Shirt Rags

You can never have too many rags in your home; they’re fantastic for quickly wiping up a spill. What I really like about repurposing my old T-shirts into multipurpose rags is that the fabric tends to be a cotton jersey material. That material feels almost like a microfiber towel, making it perfect for dusting and polishing furniture and decorative items. A regular towel rag won’t be as gentle on those delicate items.

Making your T-shirt rag is quite simple. I like to cut a horizontal line just below the armpit. Then I’ll cut the seam off and cut four squares. I like to make sure my squares fit a little larger than the size of my hand to make for easy handling and cleaning.

Create a Pillow

One of the best ways to repurpose a graphic tee is to create a pillow cover out of them. You can even do this craft with a decorative sweater which will add texture and contrast to your other pillows. You might think this craft is too advanced, but making a pillow is quite easy. I enjoy this craft because it also allows me to work on my sewing skills.

For this craft, I will cut a horizontal line under and across the armpit, as I did with the T-shirt rags. You should end up with a square shape. Then, I’ll flip the T-shirt inside out and sew one opening closed, leaving one opening undone so I can place fluff or a pillow inside. Then, I’ll flip the T-shirt outside in, put my pillow inside, and sew the remainder closed.

Use as Art

Sometimes I like to keep a T-shirt in the back of my closet solely due to sentimental reasons. My only caveat is that I feel I do not appreciate those memories enough. That’s why one of my favorite ways to repurpose old clothing with sentimental value is to use it as art. As such, I’ll frame the T-shirt and hang it in my home, which brings back those happy memories every time I see it.

Resell Or Donate 

If your old clothes are still in wearable shape then you can always donate them to a thrift store, or women’s shelter. If you have a local consignment store, that’s another great option! You can trade in your older pieces for something new!

Or, if you’re in possession of some vintage styles ( Y2K & 90’s looks are back!!!) or if your pieces are somewhat newer and in great condition, or if you have some designer labels lying around, you should use an app like Poshmark to resell and get a little dough for your old stuff! I use Poshmark to get rid of all of my old clothes and it’s fun to feel like your closet in someone else’s boutique to shop!

I hope you like these tips! Be sure to follow along for more fashion and lifestyle content by subscribing before you go!

Much love, JessXO 

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