My Top 10 Amazon Purchases

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Hey friend,

So we are all obsessed with Amazon, at least I assume, because I know I kind of am (unashamed) so I thought it would be fun to share with you my top 10 Amazon purchases. These 10 items are my all-time favorite things I have ever gotten! So let’s get into it!

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My top 10 purchases from Amazon! |
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My Top 10 Amazon Purchases 

I am starting with something I’ve shared before but it’s for sure one of my fave purchases! The KORA Organics Brightening Turmeric Mask is the perfect face mask for when your skin is feeling dull and just blah.

With clean ingredients and smaller size, it even works for travel! I love the grainy texture but it isn’t going to damage your skin. You don’t have to just use it as a mask, you can also use it as an exfoliating scrub! I love this stuff!

 Are your shower walls covered in hair? Cause, same! I lose a crazy amount of hair every time I shower and it gets so annoying! When I discovered the Shower Cat, it kind of changed my life!

With the Shower Cat, you have a cute way to help clean up your shower walls and a place to keep all the loose hairs until you’re ready to clean it out! Can we all say, brilliant!

 One of my most favorite purchases ever are these wristbands for washing your face! You wear them so you don’t get your arms, or sleeves soaking wet! I was so tired of always getting everything from the countertop to my clothes wet every time I would wash my face, so these really are a game changer!


 Another beauty-related item that has really changed my life, are the KITSCH elastic hair ties! These are the type that will not get caught in your hair or give you a headache! Flexible and perfect for all the fancy hairstyles ( also for tying & tucking long tee-shirts!) these hair ties are a must for every woman!

 Since we’re still talking beauty…I am in love with my Eyelash Comb! It works so well to help separate my eyelashes after I apply mascara and it’s so much better ( and safer) than my previous method of using a push pin…yikes!

Something I use all the time for creating content is my ring light/tripod! I can’t afford one that is super fancy, but this one which is very affordable is decent quality and hasn’t let me down! If you are in search of a well-priced tripod with a ring light, this one is a great choice!

 Another useful gadget with a light is my travel mirror with LED light. It’s perfect for travel or just when you need better lighting when putting on your makeup. I really love having it handy and of course, I got the rose gold, but there are other color options as well!

 Something that I got to help me with work and creating content, especially when I am not at home or am just on a higher schedule is my HP Chromebook. This tiny but amazing little laptop has everything I need in a cute little package!

The price isn’t too shabby either! I highly recommend the HP Chromebook if you are looking for a small PC for basic needs. This one is perfect!

 I had to include at least one fashion item so I chose these high waisted ribbed leggings because I am s obsessed! Ribbed fabric means stretch and comfort, and high-waisted means tucking in the fupa, and leggings? Well, haven’t I sold you on these yet? Snag up a pair in any of the pretty colors now! You won’t be sorry! 😉

 Last thing on my list, are these Lille Home Stackable Storage Produce Containers! They help keep your fruits and veggies fresh without leaving gooey mess all over your fridge! Plus, they are super cute, right? I love the pink but they come in blue and green as well and you get a set of 3 for only $22!

 That’s my top 10! I might be back with another list, so be on the lookout! I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even discovered your new favorite thing from Amazon! Don’t forget to subscribe before you go, so you never miss a thang!

Much love, JessXO 

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