5 Alternative Energy Boosting Ideas For Moms

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As a busy mom, every day is bursting with action. There are many days when you may need an extra energy boost to get through the day. Here are 5 alternative energy-boosting ideas! 

5 Alternative Energy Boosting Ideas For Moms 

5 alternative energy boosting ideas for moms | neveralonemom.com
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  1. Test your iron levels

An iron deficiency may be one reason for feeling fatigued. Red blood cells are needed to distribute oxygen throughout your body, and you can become anemic without the required amount of iron in your blood. If you are feeling lethargic and are constantly struggling to concentrate, you should consider having your iron levels tested. 


Iron infusions are especially helpful for those with severe anemia. An iron infusion goes directly into your bloodstream, unlike foods or supplements containing iron that have to go through your digestive tract. A treatment administered by registered nurses in your home is safe and does not take much time. To avoid any iron infusion side effects, you will first receive a test dose before administering a second dose, ensuring a medically safe process. 


  1. Use an app to remind you to hydrate

It can be challenging for busy moms to remember to drink enough water each day. Not drinking enough water can increase your blood pressure lower while reducing the blood flow to your brain. Even minor cases of dehydration can make you feel listless and lacking energy. 


You might initially hesitate to add an app to your phone reminding you to stay hydrated, but it can help. You can set apps to notify you when it’s time to drink. You won’t go through the whole day and only realize in the evening that you’ve hardly had anything to drink. 


  1. Keep some power snacks on hand

The food you eat plays a massive role in how much energy you have. Sugary foods high in fat may seem tempting, but they only provide a temporary boost before causing an inevitable crash. 


Specific snacks can give you an energy boost when it’s most needed. Almonds, berries, peanut butter, and bananas contain various vitamins and minerals that can provide energy. Bananas, for example, are loaded with potassium and fiber. Eggs are quick to prepare and make for a good snack. They are a good source of protein, selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12, and minerals like zinc and iron.

  1. Find moments to fit exercise into your day

You may think you are too busy to fit exercise into your day, but studies have shown that even 15 minutes a day can help you feel calmer, increase your muscle and bone strength, and boost your ‘feel good’ hormones. 


Enlisting someone as a walking buddy or signing up for fitness classes will help to keep you accountable. An excellent way to make sure you get some exercise is by adding to your existing activities, such as walking to the store instead of driving or riding a stationary bike while watching TV. 


Prioritize your fitness by putting it on your calendar, just as you would any other necessary appointment. Write down your reasons for exercising and keep this handy for encouragement.


  1. Focus on the quality of your sleep rather than on the quantity

As a busy mom, you may only sometimes get the bare minimum amount of rest. You may spend most of the night awake if a child is teething or has an earache. Aim for 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep a night when possible. 


Tips to help you fall asleep faster include:

  • Switch off all blue-light-emitting devices an hour before bed. 
  • Keep your bedroom dark, calm, and quiet. 
  • Try to avoid drinking any caffeine after midday. 
  • Exercise in the morning rather than before bedtime. 


Busy moms need more energy than just about anyone else to cope with all the demands on their time. Being tired all the time doesn’t have to be your daily life. The above suggestions can help you to go from feeling exhausted to feeling full of energy. 

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