Gift Ideas for the Picky People in Your Life

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Hi friend,

Everyone has a picky person in their life. This person has everything, and we can never seem to get them something they want or need when it’s time for gift-giving. It can weigh on us and make us start pulling out our hair. But if you continue reading, you can learn about some wonderful gift ideas for the picky people in your life. These gifts will be new, unique, and functional, and your friend or loved one will recognize you as the ultimate gift-giver!

Gift Ideas For The Picky People In Your Life 

gift ideas for the picky people in your life |
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An Artisan Candle

Candles are gifts we can get for almost anyone, including picky people! They may not necessarily want it, but the second they light it up, they should recognize the quality of the gift. One of the best ways to brighten up any space is with a new scent that is delicate but powerful. For example, finding gifts for dads is always a struggle because they never tell you what they want. A candle may not seem like the best gift for them, but it can greatly improve their workshop or den!

Most candles are toxic, so consider going for something with more non-toxic ingredients. One of the companies that I love for clean candles is Fontana Candle Co.

For the Car Enthusiast 

One of the pickiest groups of people that are impossible to buy for is car enthusiasts. These people have a hobby they like, but you can’t buy them a new car every time holidays or birthdays come around! It’s also difficult to know what they want or need. For example, you may think a car part works, but it turns out they drive a Toyota, not a Honda.

Thankfully, you can get many different gifts for your favorite Toyota driver! A cargo tote or floor liner would be great for them because they’re both functional and can boost their love for their Toyota. Any of these gifts can make their normal driving experiences more comfortable and enjoyable, enabling them to easily go on long road trips!

A Subscription Box

Another fun gift idea you can get them that will continue to surprise them month after month is a subscription box! It’s a wonderful gift that keeps on giving all year long, and there are so many to choose from, so you are sure to find one that works for them. There are subscription boxes for:

  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Books
  • Pets
  • Beauty
  • Fishing
  • Science
  • And many more

Once you find the right box for them, you can set them up for a year or get them a tester box. By doing that, the two of you can see if they like it. And if they do, you can sign them up for a full subscription!

With these gift ideas, the picky people in your life will have something they’ll finally enjoy opening! Everyone should get something to open that they like, even if they’re picky. Any of these gifts will be sure to wow them, and hopefully, they’ll return the favor when it’s time to get gifts for you!

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Much love, JessXO 

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