How To Layer For The Cold Without Looking Bulky

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We’ve all felt like Randy from A Christmas Story at one point or another. The dreaded feeling of “I can’t put my arms down!” because of how many layers you’re wearing is one that follows you. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you have to give up on looking cute! That’s why I’m going to teach you how to layer for the cold weather without looking bulky. Let’s get into some styling tips!

How To Layer For The Cold Without Looking Bulky 

How to layer for the cold without looking bulky |
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The Basics of Layering

When dressing for the cold, you need three layers: thermals, an insulating layer, and a weatherproof shell. Thermals are the most critical part of staying warm, but they’re usually what makes us look bulky when layering. Knowing the differences between light, mid, and heavyweight thermals can help you choose the best one to wear for the weather. For example, if it’s 50°F and you wear a heavyweight thermal, not only will you be sweating, but you’ll end up looking bulkier than necessary.

Next, you’ll need an insulating layer, but you don’t need a puffy down coat to do this. Wool or fleece sweaters are excellent at trapping body heat without making you look like a marshmallow. And you only really have to wear a weatherproof shell if it’s snowing or raining, and these outer shells are typically thin, like windbreaks or raincoats.

Winter Layers |
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Focus on Your Silhouette

Now that we know that we need to layer the right way, let’s move on to what “looking bulky” really means. What we’re really aiming for is a layering system that doesn’t give us lumps in areas where we don’t want them.  This doesn’t mean that you should wear as little clothing as possible to look thin because you’re not going to care what you look like if you feel like you’re going to freeze to death. So how do we make all those layers look smooth and balanced, no matter how thick the fabric is? Focus on your silhouette.

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I promise you that not everything has to look hourglass or body con to look great. What you want to do is create balance in color and form. For example, A-line winter coats and skirts will keep you warm while hiding any lumps your thermals might show. Also, a chunky sweater with flared jeans and some thermals underneath never hurt anyone. But if you’re looking for that curvy shape, a peplum fur winter coat is a lifesaver.

Winter layers |
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Wear Versatile Clothes

When layering, you want clothes that layer well together. A nice collared shirt, sweater vest, and cardigan combo work every time, and you can take off the cardigan if it gets too warm. But if you notice, these layers are relatively flat individually, so layer in a way that starts from flattest to puffiest/thickest to avoid a lumpy look. And if you’re still cold, you may want to pay attention to the kind of fabric you’re wearing.

Winter outfits |
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Cotton will simply not keep you warm on its own, but it is less chunky than wool. However, layering fewer insulating fabrics together, like cotton and silk, can keep you warm while keeping your ideal silhouette.

Now that you know to layer for the cold weather without looking bulky, you’re better equipped to dress your way this winter so you can feel confident in the clothes you’re in.

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