Why Lash Extensions Are Better Than False Lashes

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If you’re thinking about making the switch from false lashes to lash extensions, there are several good reasons why you should. Lash extensions have many benefits that regular fake lashes can’t offer. Here are a few of my top reasons why lash extensions are better than false lashes.

Why Lash Extensions Are Better Than False Lashes 

Longer Lasting

My first reason that lash extensions are better than false lashes is that they are longer lasting. Regular false lashes are typically one-use applications, so you may get only one wear out of them. On the other hand, lash extensions last for three to four weeks and can last even longer if you get refills.

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Lash extensions are the way to go if you want a more durable option with longevity. If you need only a one-time use for a special occasion, then false lashes will do the trick, but if you want your lashes to look stunning and full every day, then lash extensions are a better fit for you. There are also all kinds of helpful tips for better lash retention so that you can keep your lashes looking good for longer.


Another reason that lash extensions are better than false lashes is that they are time-saving. Applying false lashes every morning is time-consuming, especially when I already have a busy schedule. Lash extensions take longer to apply than false lashes, but you only have to sit through the application once.

After the initial application appointment, you don’t have to reapply your extensions until it’s time for a refill. So, in the long run, lash extensions will save you time as you get ready each morning. For a good three to four weeks, you won’t have to worry about applying lashes or mascara at all. You can just wake up and have gorgeous lashes each day. Talk about a win!

More Realistic

The third reason that lash extensions are a better option than false lashes is that they look more realistic. False lashes can get a bit messy with lash glue, and it’s hard to make sure they blend in well. While some good falsies are out there, they tend to look fake.

However, lash extensions look more natural as they sit right on top of your natural lashes. Lash artists take special care and effort to ensure that they apply lash extensions in a way that is realistic and fits your individual eye shape and facial features. Getting lash extensions is a more personalized experience, so you can get the most realistic and natural-looking option for you.

Now that you know my three reasons you should get lash extensions over falsies, you can decide which option is perfect for you. Make sure to follow proper care instructions after the extension application so that they stay in good condition.

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