How To Choose the Best Daily Makeup Products

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We all have different skin types, tones, and conditions, which means each person requires a unique beauty routine and products. Although I could list all the products that work best for me, they may not be the right fit for your unique skin. With that in mind, I’ll teach you how to choose the best daily makeup products for yourself.

How To Choose The Best Daily Makeup Products 

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A Good Base

If you’re anything like me, your skin needs all the help it can get, so having a good base for the rest of your makeup is important. Your base product will depend on your skin tone and skin concerns. For example, acne, discoloration, dryness, or oiliness play significant roles in finding the best foundation, cream, or tinted moisturizer.

How To Choose The Best Daily Makeup Products |
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Deciding whether a foundation or tinted moisturizer is right for you can be tough, but there’s no harm in trying multiple products. In fact, I’ve made it a hobby to try new products; therefore, I’ve tried many different bases, and I use different ones according to my makeup goal for the day.

Using a primer is also essential to a daily makeup that stays in place. Matching the primer to your foundation is a step that most don’t take. If you have a water-based foundation, you need to be using a water-based primer, and the same goes for oil-based products as well.

Ideal Eyeshadow

There’s nothing wrong with wearing whichever eyeshadow color you want, but you should know which shades best suit your eye color. Whether you like your eye color or not, you can make them pop by using these specific colors:

  • Brown: blues, purples, and metallic colors such as silver and gold look best with brown eyes.
  • Blue: nude colors, dark browns, and oranges complement blue eyes very well.
  • Green: nude tones, smoky grays or charcoals, and plum colors make green eyes pop.
  • Hazel: dark yellows, purples, and greens look great on those with hazel eyes.

Blending your shades with a neutral transition color is how you get a flawless look that is well blended and doesn’t look like you just have blocks of colors on your eyelids. It’s all about the blending!

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Beautiful Blush Shades

Blush is one of the most important parts of any makeup look, but many decide to skip it. Using the wrong shade for your skin tone or applying too much can cause your makeup to look clown-like; however, finding the perfect shade and applying it appropriately can bring softness and color to your face. I used to think bright pink was the only option, but stepping out of my comfort zone opened my eyes to the beautiful world of blush! Consider these options based on your skin tone:

  • Pale skin: opt for light pinks and pale peaches.
  • Medium skin: consider rosy pinks or darker peach shades.
  • Dark skin: choose a dark rose or deep oranges.

Blush placement is also key. For decades we’ve all been applying blush to the apples of our cheeks, but actually, that’s totally wrong! Unless of course, you want a fuller, rounder, or more youthful-looking face. But if a slimmer, more defined, and age-appropriate look is what you’re going for, then apply your blush upwards from the very top of your cheekbone up to your hairline.

It’s like a natural facelift! It’s honestly my favorite makeup hack ever!

Lovely Lip Colors

Lipsticks and stains can make or break your overall look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Ideally, the perfect lip color is a few shades darker than your natural lip color, which provides a nice, neutral look. However, bright colors are sometimes necessary. I love wearing light pink lip colors, but I’m not a huge fan of red. With that in mind, it’s all about finding the colors you like best for yourself.

Finding the perfect shade to be your daily color may take some trial and error, but generally, a pinky nude shade works for almost everyone when you’re creating a low-key everyday look. I highly recommend this sweet shade from Mineral Fusion.

Now that you know how to choose the best daily makeup products for yourself, you can wear your makeup with confidence. If you’re still unsure what looks best for your unique skin, don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades and formulas. Makeup isn’t one size fits all, but it’s undeniable when we find the products that suit us.

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