The Best Way To Finally Organize Your Fridge

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Trying to keep your fridge organized can be a headache. Keeping things orderly with food constantly spilling, expiring, or cluttering up your space is tricky. This is the best way to finally organize your fridge—get your refrigerator spotlessly clean today!

The Best Ways To Finally Organize Your Fridge

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Develop a System

One of the best ways to keep your fridge in order is to develop a system to clean it out. I choose one day a week to go through my fridge and get rid of any old and expired food. You can also spend this time quickly wiping down shelves that have gotten sticky. Choose a day to look through your fridge every week, and you’ll get rid of some of the headaches of organizing.

The best way to finally organize your fridge |
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Know Where To Store Foods

One thing you may not know about your fridge is that the bottom back is the coldest place in the refrigerator. This makes it the best place for storing meats and cheeses, keeping them fresh for longer. Store your meats and cheeses at the bottom and back of your fridge for the best quality.

Use Clear Containers

Using clear containers is one of the best ways to organize your fridge and keep it looking neat. Pack leftovers into clear Tupperware containers so that you can easily spot them every time. Use extra clear containers to hold things such as beverages and snacks for easy access.

Also using contains to keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer is a great way to keep things fresh and from going bad so quickly. I use these produce storage bins that help keep everything fresh longer!

Implement a Labeling System

Making labels for those food containers is one of the best ways to finally organize your fridge. We’ve all forgotten what day we made a specific dish and when it will go bad. Use a labeling system for leftovers to ensure you don’t forget when you need to dispose of them. You don’t have to get too crazy with this; Scotch tape and a permanent marker will do fine for label-making. I’d be lost without my labeling system for my fridge.

Reorganize the Door

We all know that our refrigerator doors seem to collect too many condiments and other items, so going through them from time to time is crucial. Get rid of any old condiments you haven’t used in a long time. I check my refrigerator door once a month to ensure I don’t let any clutter build up.

Practice First In, First Out

A first-in, first-out system will keep food fresh for longer. The newest food should go in the back of your fridge or on the bottom of a stack, while the oldest food should stay at the front or on top of a stack. This simple system will keep you from throwing out the older gallon of milk when you didn’t have to.

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