Must-Do Steps To Prepare for a Glamorous Night Out

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Hey girl,

Planning a fun night out? I’ve got some tips to help you feel ready to party and prepare for a glamourous night out! When the stars align and your mother, sister, or that elusive sitter that everyone always seems to book before you commit to watching your kids, it’s your time to go out and have some fun. Get ready with these must-do steps to prepare for a glamorous night out.

Steps To Prepare For A Night Out

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Start Pampering Yourself a Week Early

Stealing time for a bubble bath, facial, or haircut takes advance planning for most moms. Map it out and schedule a facial and a haircut at least a week in advance. The same goes for waxing: if you need to get your brows or your upper lip done, schedule that a week or two in advance so that any redness or puffiness has time to settle.

As for the new ‘do, a week or two gives it a chance to grow into itself, and you can practice primping it for a night out.

Steps to prepare for a glamourous night out |
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A night out is also the perfect excuse to book a mani-pedi. Choose a long-lasting gel manicure that won’t need repair before your big night but will soak off quickly so that you can change it if you change your mind. You can also add nail art embellishments, like stickers or crystals, on the day of your date or girls’ night out.

As for makeup, stick to what you know. Don’t try a new product or style on the big night; discovering that you’re allergic to an ingredient or that you’re not good at drawing a cat’s eyeliner 15 minutes before your ride arrives is a big no-no.

Stay Hydrated

Get one of those water bottles you can clip to a belt loop or gym bag. Not kidding here—as moms, we’re so focused on caring for our kids and excelling at our jobs that we forget to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water each day makes you feel better, and it gives your skin a healthy glow.

Also drinking a cup of delicious herbal skin glow tea every morning or afternoon leading up to your night out can also add to not only your hydration but some skin health benefits as well! This one from Pink Stork is a personal favorite of mine!

Go Ahead and Overdress

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t seen the inside of a bar or restaurant since what feels like the dawn of time. To prepare for a glamorous night out, a must-do step is to buy yourself a new dress and go one level up from what you would have worn before.

Ditch the work-from-home athleisure wear and go for some class. Just ensure that whatever you choose is still comfortable. We’re all out of practice with this, so a multi-colored sequined shift or a flowy knit wrap dress with some flashy accessories would do nicely.

Odds are you haven’t worn anything with a heel in a few years, so take it easy on the stilettos—you don’t want to keel over and spend your glam night in the emergency department with a sprained ankle. If you want height, try a platform with a wide base. These still have what look like high heels, but they’re more stable and trendy!

Eat Something

Don’t go out on an empty stomach. Trust me: that won’t end well. Have a healthy meal or snack before you head out, so you have a “blotter” inside that will slow the absorption of whatever adult beverages you plan to consume.

But take it easy on those, too—you’ve got your kids to come home to! The point of your night is to feel beautiful, laugh, and enjoy the company of friends or your partner after a long drought of sociable fun.

Hope these tips have you feeling prepared to have the best night out ever! Make sure to subscribe for more fun lifestyle & motherhood posts! You won’t want to miss out!

Much love, JessXO 

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