4 Quick Ways To Refresh Your Home on a Budget

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When you look around your home, do you feel relaxed and ready to unwind after a long day, or feel stressed from chaos and cluttered shelves? As busy moms, the last thing we need on our minds is to redo the entire layout of our homes to make them feel, well, like a home. Luckily, I’ve got four quick ways to refresh your home on a budget!

4 Quick Ways To Refresh Your Home On A Budget

Outdoor Spaces

We tend to focus on what’s going on inside our homes rather than outside. The one thing I dread when going outside is seeing weeds that need plucking, pools needing a deep cleaning, or patio furniture covered in dust and dirt from the weather. However, a quick way to refresh your home on a budget is by taking the time to clean up your yard space.

If you have an overgrown lawn, have some friends and family join you in ripping up weeds, cutting the grass, and tending to your flowerbeds. You won’t have to hire a contractor or borrow equipment from people you trust, and you can thank them by hosting a party. If you have a pool that needs more pizzazz, you can find pool party and outdoor must-haves that will make every celebration memorable.

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While bedrooms are where we go to relax and have some privacy, they can quickly become stale and boring to walk into. A quick solution to this problem is adding accents and décor to make it more appealing. You can paint an accent wall in less than a day, adding a livelier feel to your peaceful place. As for décor and accents, add some shelving with picture frames, pottery, plants, and other décor that makes you smile.

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Living Rooms 

Living rooms are where we love to watch movies, spend time with our kids, and entertain others during a get-together. A simple fix for transforming the living room from drab to fab is adding some accent throw pillows, blankets, candles, and plants to make it more lively and enjoyable. There’s nothing more satisfying than curling up with a soft throw blanket and watching a good movie or show.


Basements are often left to become storage spaces, a dark and cold place where no one wants to go. You can quickly fix this by painting the walls, adding thrifted furniture, and installing vinyl flooring to create the perfect social space. You can also make it a designated place for the kids to play games, make it into a theater room, or create a yoga place for you and your friends.

Making our homes feel welcoming and inviting takes a lot of work. However, with a little bit of effort, you can truly make your space one of a kind!

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