Perfect Rainy-Day Activities To Do With the Kids

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Rainy days are a bummer. The skies are gray, and everything is damp. However, I still make the most of it, and you should too if you have kiddos. Here are some of the perfect rainy-day activities to do with the kids. Keep these things in mind the next time a storm is brewing!

Rainy day Activities To Do With The Kids

Movie Marathon

Traveling to a movie theater in the rain is a lot of fuss. You have to get the kids’ rain gear on and drive all the way there in poor conditions. For this reason,  having movie marathons at home is much more simple, and free! But don’t get me wrong, trips to the movie theatre are exciting and we should always support them when we can in these times of change.

Perfect rainy day activities to do with your kids |
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But on those rainy evenings when all we want to is to get in some pajamas and be cozy, staying home and popping in a DVD is the answer. So dim the lights, make some popcorn, and put the speakers on full blast. Your kiddos will feel like they’re actually at the show.

Share Scary Stories

Most children love scary stories. There’s no better time to share these spooky tales than on a rainy day. Try turning off the lights and getting a flashlight to shine on your face. Then, sit in a circle, and begin to share using a spooky voice. If your kids want to, you can let them tell their own stories and use the flashlight themselves as well. They’ll have a blast.

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Indoor Games

Another perfect rainy-day activity to do with the kids is playing indoor games. Consider setting up an obstacle course that the kiddos can run through. Your kids will probably love navigating their way through the house. If you want to be more creative, there are fun indoor games with safety cones you can try. Line up the cones in a line and have them try to throw rings on them. A little friendly family competition never hurt anyone, right?

Rainy days can bum you out when you want to spend the day outside with the kids. But try to make the best of the situation. In reality, these activities are fun for everyone, and your kids may love to do them rain or shine.

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