Surprising Ways To Improve Your Mental Well-Being

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Hey there, mom friends!

We’ve all been through hard times over the past few years, so I feel like we deserve to start feeling better about ourselves now that things are feeling more stable and normal.

If you’re like me and don’t make a lot of time to focus on your mental health, you might be happy to learn some surprising ways to improve your mental well-being. Here are a few practices that I integrate into my daily routine.

Surprising Ways To Improve Your Mental Well-Being 

Singing More Often

Music is a universal language, and even though I might not be the next American Idol, I still love to sing my favorite songs. Singing can make us feel more relaxed because when we sing, our bodies release endorphins such as oxytocin, which some might know as “the love hormone.”

Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter that helps reduce stress and anxiety, and it also strengthens our relationships. The next time your favorite song comes on the radio, don’t be afraid to belt it out!

Ways to improve your mental well-being |
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Speaking of that love hormone, an obvious option to reduce some stress and feel a huge release is, of course, getting it on. Sex shouldn’t come as a surprise here, but maybe you’ve never considered the mental health benefits?

Next time you’re feeling the strain of the day, or just simply want to relax and let go, don’t let stress and fatigue keep you from enjoying some time between the sheets with your partner or if you’re single, grabbing your favorite toy and releasing whatever is weighing you down. It’s not diamonds, orgasms are a girl’s best friend. 😉

Getting a Pet

If you don’t already have a fur baby, perhaps getting one and thinking of it as a little friend or as an emotional support animal is a good idea. Pets bring such joy and love into a person’s life.

Dogs, cats, and even rabbits can help us feel less lonely. In addition, pets can reduce symptoms of depression because they provide us with unconditional love and help us exercise. If you’re not much of an animal person, then maybe getting fish or a lizard could possibly be a fun way to introduce pets into your world.

Getting a Massage

I knew that massages could help relieve pain and muscle tension in my body. What I didn’t realize until recently is that massages can also help me mentally.

If you didn’t know how massage chairs can help you fight insomnia at home, you need to first understand how stress manifests itself in your body. When we feel stressed, it can produce tension in our muscles. Therefore, by reducing this tension with a massage, you can sleep better and feel happier.

Overall, we all deserve to start feeling better about ourselves this year. Now that you know a few surprising ways to improve your mental well-being, you can start practicing them and reaping the benefits today!

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Love, JessXO 

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