How To Not Lose Your Mind While Moving

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Hey friend,

Not losing your mind while moving sounds like an unrealistic goal, but it can be done. Let me show you the ways! In today’s post, I will be coving a few simple tips to make the moving process easier and keep you from losing your mind and drowning in boxes.

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How To Not Lose Your Mind While Moving

Moving can take a lot out of you, and it can be a very stressful process. So here are some ways to stay sane, organized, and less stressed during this new and exciting chapter of your life.

Tip One: 

Organize before you even start packing. What I mean is…take some time to look around your home, and “download” if you will, a mental picture of all of your belongings and decide what will be going with you, what is being donated, and what is being hauled off to the dump.

Don’t wait until you’re already boxing things up to figure this out. Take notes if you want to keep track of everything and help you remember your decisions on where things will be headed. This way, what is probably the biggest stress trigger is already taken care of before you begin “undoing” your home.

Everything already has a designated box or area and you don’t need to argue with your spouse about where a certain item is going when you are busy and already a little stressed. Do the work ahead of time by going through everything and making those decisions before it’s packing time.

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Tip Two: 

Hire a moving company. It may feel excessive or unnecessary, but trust me. Using a professional moving company is for sure the way to go. Your life is hectic enough as is, you don’t need to be moving everything yourself. Let the pros do it!

With a moving company, you will have ensured professionals handling your most personal and fragile items that you can trust! No worries about lost or broken items and borrowing your friend’s truck. Get quality, trustworthy movers in to help!

If you happen to live in the Los Angels area, I have the perfect recommendations for you! Best West Moving and Los Angeles Safe Movers!  With these guys, they come with guarantees you can trust to do the job and move your most precious items to your new home with no problem!

Best West Moving |

Book them today through their websites to get the help you need and save yourself a lot of energy and stress by letting the team from Best West Moving help you make the big move! Available for both residential and commercial locations in the Los Angels and surrounding areas.

If you don’t live in sunny L.A, not to worry! There are plenty of awesome moving companies nationwide to help you get easily into your new digs! Do a search and find what works best for you in your area!

Tip Three:

Label, label, label! Probably just as important as location, location, location! Use a handy label maker or even a good ole’ sharpie and make sure that every single box, bag, and bin is properly labeled. This makes the whole moving adventure so much easier!

Not only label what room the box is going to, but also what it contains for instance – Kitchen – everyday plates, and bowels, with blue plastic cups, etc. This way you will know exactly what is in each box!

Tip Four: 

Bring out your inner architect and draw yourself (even if it’s bad!) a layout of your new house and write in or draw where all of your existing furniture will go. This extra step will really help the unloading, unboxing, and overall moving in process feel more organized and less chaotic.

Reference back to your little drawing to remember where you want everything to be placed, especially the bigger furniture pieces that are a pain to move around once they are set down, such as dressers, beds, and couches.

Seeing a layout of your whole house from above, with everything in its new place will be a huge help and a clever but small way to keep from losing your mind when you are directing the movers and figuring out where to put all of your big furniture items.

Follow these super easy tips to give yourself a hand when moving day arrives and save some of your oh-so-important sanity so you don’t lose your mind! Moving can be incredibly stressful so I hope my tips will be helpful and if you need more ideas go check out this post here! 

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Love, JessXO 



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