The Most Popular Jewelry Trends for 2022

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Hey friend,

Do you want to stay current in the fashion world this year? If so, read on to find out the most popular jewelry trends for 2022! Who knows; by the end of this, I think you may have new ideas for how to spice up your look and take this year by storm!

I adore jewelry and am always on the hunt for new and trendy pieces, so I am excited to share with you some ways to stay up to date on the latest jewelry trends for this year! Let’s dive in…

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Popular jewelry trends for 2022 |
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The Most Popular Jewelry Trends For 2022


Beaded jewelry is beautiful and alluring. It gives you a bright splash of color while maintaining an air of sophistication that melts beautifully into any outfit. Beads can accentuate our wrists, neckline, ears, or anywhere else we wear jewelry!

Also, jewelry doesn’t have to be flashy. I suggest incorporating a beautiful, neutral set of brown or soft green beaded jewelry for a more subtly gorgeous look.


Pearls are the ocean’s gift to humans; creamy-white jewelry is so pristine and classic that it can’t go out of style. From the 1800s to now, pearls have been a staple in every jewelry box. The newest trend for pearl jewelry has been statement-piece pearl hoop earrings! They’re a classy and beautiful way to go for a night on the town with girlfriends or a day at work.


Charms are a lovely way to accent an outfit. They showcase memories, personalities, and all the fun aspects we want to show off to the world. Charm bracelets are classy, cute, and fun, and they go with just about anything! Make life bright and charming, from friendship charms to mementos from loved ones!

Natural Jewelry

Nature is always in fashion, and natural jewelry is no exception! From gorgeously carved wooden earrings to gemstone necklaces, you can repurpose any fragment of earthly beauty you may find.

You can transform seashells into lovely bracelets and accent pieces to complete your most brilliant outfits! Find the natural jewelry that speaks to the soul, and show off an earth-loving look today.


Dangling earrings have been in fashion for many years, and it continues to this day due to the way a drooping or dangling earring can accentuate almost any piece. From chains to hoops to tassels, these earrings are here to stay! Chandelier earrings are a chic and classy way to ring in the new year.

I hope you found these most popular jewelry trends for 2022 enlightening as you dazzle in the new year. May you sparkle as bright as beaded bracelets!

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