5 Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Holiday Party

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Hi friend,

Holiday parties are so much fun! However, planning a last-minute one can induce some stress. Luckily, I’m here to help you. Check out my five tips for planning a last-minute holiday party. I have some great suggestions you can follow.

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How To Plan A Last-Minute Holiday Party 

Send Out Paperless Invites

While planning last-minute festivities, I recommend sending out paperless invites. Send a quick text to guests and let them know the party details. Although paper invites may seem formal, they can also hinder your party turn-out. Just imagine receiving an invite to a party that happened a week ago. Can you say awk-ward?

Creating a Facebook event or even using a site like Paperless Post are great options for getting the word out! If you go with Paperless Post, you can save 20% on last-minute holiday cards and more with code STILLTIME.

Plan a Simple Menu

A simple menu is the way to go for your holiday party, especially if you’re cooking all the food. You can set out finger foods and tasty charcuterie boards. If you have family or friends that love to cook, you can turn your party into a potluck. In that case, most of the food prep will be off your hands.

Find a Great Playlist

I know we all have our favorite artists and albums when it comes to music. And we may feel inclined to create the ultimate party playlist. However, if you’re anything like me, you can spend hours carefully crafting a setlist—hours you could otherwise spend party prepping or getting other things done.

Therefore, it’s best to find a great playlist. Go on your favorite music streaming app and find something that you and your guests would love! My personal favorite is the Jolly Christmas music channel on SiriusXM.

Serve One Signature Cocktail

If you decide to serve alcohol at your party, you can lighten your drink menu by serving one signature cocktail. For example, Holly-Jolly Christmas Punch is among the Christmas cocktails to try this season.

Punch is great for crowds, as you can make big batches at one time. You can also use some ingredients you already have. Perhaps it’s time to use up that bottle of schnapps or crack open that new case of champagne.

Keep Everything Casual

Given that everything is last-minute, it’s best to keep things casual. Low stress also means less fuss, and you can have fun entertaining your guests. You don’t have to implement a party theme or suggest a “dress code.” Tell your guests to come for an evening of good food, drinks, and conversation. Trust me. You will have a fantastic time.

I understand the stress of planning a last-minute party. That’s why I’m here to help you plan yours! I hope my list of five tips for planning a last-minute holiday party was helpful to you. I encourage you to try these methods for an awesome night of festivities!

Wishing you all health & happiness this Holiday season! Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to my email list before you go so you never miss out on new posts or anything else I share! Let’s stay friends!

Love, JessXO 

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