Tips for Improving Your Fall Morning Routine

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There’s nothing more exciting than October for fall lovers—from the changing leaves to the pumpkin spice. But even the biggest fan of all things autumn has to admit that fall makes getting up a challenge.

Gone are the days of early sunlight and warm mornings, and incomes darker mornings with cooler temperatures. And I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the perfect time to stay snuggled up in bed to me. If you need as much help conquering autumns mornings as I do, try out these tips and tricks for improving your morning routine.

Tips For Improving Your Fall Morning Routine

Improving your fall morning routine |
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Start the Morning Routine at Night

The last thing any of us wants is more chores right before bed, but hear me out on this one. Getting up in the morning is a mind game more than anything else. If you know ahead that you have less to do, it’s less mental energy. Try knocking out some of these things before bed:

  • Setting out clothes for you and the kids
  • Packing a lunch for you and the kids
  • Prepping breakfast
  • Packing a work bag
  • Planning out your beauty routine, like setting out your morning skincare and deciding how you will do your makeup, etc.
Get Better Quality Sleep

With little ones waking up at odd hours, mountains of home tasks, and work responsibilities piling up around you, you can’t always control how much sleep you get. But you can get a better quality of sleep that will help make waking up a little less painful.

  • Attempt to go to bed at the same time every night
  • Limit electronic use a half an hour before bed
  • Avoid heavy meals and alcohol right before bed
  • Keep your bedroom dim and cool
  • Try to keep daytime naps to a minimum

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Add a Little TLC to Your Beauty Routine

Let’s face it: most of us have little time to think about how we look. And, unfortunately, that can translate into not taking care of ourselves. I’m not talking about putting on a full face of makeup to go run errands (even though I do lol)  But investing in a quality face scrub and moisturizer to use in the morning will help your skin feel amazing and refreshed.

Doing a face mask a few times a week, styling your hair right after a shower, investing in a good quality serum, these things can really help and give you a little extra perk in the mornings and a step towards looking and feeling like your best self. Click here for some really good fall self-care ideas if you need them!

Pro-Tip: Refresh Your Bathroom

Even having an arsenal of incredible skin and hair care products won’t make you want to get up if you have a cluttered and uncomfortable bathroom. Taking the time to give your bathroom a refresh is a surefire way to improve your morning routine every day.

Do Something You’ll Look Forward To

The morning can look like a mad dash of getting in as many productive tasks as possible. But your morning routine can help set your mindset for the rest of the day. That’s why it pays to take the time to do something you care about first thing in the morning.

This doesn’t have to be anything major (none of us have time for that anyway). But taking the time to journal, go outside and watch the sunrise, sing a silly song with your kids, or even just make your coffee your favorite way will help make your morning routine fun. And that’s something worth getting out of bed for any day.

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