How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated During the Fall

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Hey, mamas,

I’ve talked about the harmful effects that drier seasons have on our skin before, specifically winter. However, it’s essential to recognize how bad the autumn weather can be for our skin’s well-being, too. Thankfully, I’m here today with a few easy tips for how to keep your skin hydrated during the fall because, girl, you deserve it!

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How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated In The Fall

Turn Down the Heat

Imagine you’ve just woken up from a cozy night’s sleep, all bundled up under your favorite weighted blanket. Next comes the worst time of the day: when you have to get up from your warm slumber and enter the frigid reality of a crisp fall morning.

But nothing feels better than a few splashes of warm water to the face during your morning skin routine. However, for the sake of keeping your face nice and hydrated, turn down the heat! Lukewarm water won’t strip away your skin’s natural oils, leaving you with a well-rested glow. This method is highly effective for combating dry skin.

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Skip Cheap Makeup Removers

The fall is perfect for trendy makeup styles such as kitten eyes, loaded lashes, and warm eyeliner shades. I myself love mixing vibrant hues into my makeup routine to match the season’s changing colors. However, the biggest culprit of dried-out skin is cheap drugstore makeup removers.

These wipes typically include loads of alcohol sulfates, which dehydrate your face. Ouch! Trust me, buying high-quality makeup remover products is worth the extra money—alcohol-free skincare products protect your skin from unnecessary irritation and unwanted bacteria. This fall, keep the alcohol in your glass and off your face!

Skip makeup remover wipes completely and opt for a better option such as a hydrating and makeup melting cleansing balm like this one which is my favorite! Clean ingredients and soft skin for the win!

Prime Time

A good way to help keep your skin hydrated on days when you’re wearing makeup is to use a hydrating primer. In the summer months, I use an oil-fighting mattifying primer, but as the weather cools down I switch to a thicker, more hydrating primer to keep my makeup looking fresh and my skin less dry throughout the day.

This primer from Mineral Fusion is a fantastic choice and is what I’m currently using and it feels so nice! It’s not too thick, feels like a light moisturizer, and does the job very well!

Stay Prepared Anytime, Anywhere

During the autumn season, a girl’s best friend is hand and face creams and moisturizers. Forgetting these products at home can be easy, so look for travel sizes so that you’re always prepared to keep that skin glowing. If you can feel your skin getting dehydrated, you might be too late—practice preemptive care so that your skin is never left out to dry… pun intended!

Hopefully, these helpful tips for how to keep your skin hydrated during the fall will have your skin glowing and you feeling your absolute best! If you’re worried about dry skin as the weather gets even colder, remember to check out my skincare tips for the winter.

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Love, JessXO 

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