Fun Activities for Your Next Adult Slumber Party

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Hey, friend,

Slumber parties aren’t just for kids; adults can have them too (except they’re way more fun). If you need a break from your daily responsibilities, you don’t have to spend a fortune going to a salon. Have your best girlfriends over and have fun—no bedtime required! Here are some fun activities for your next adult slumber party.

Activities For Your Next Adult Slumber Party

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Now, anyone that knows me knows I love a good karaoke night. It’s so fun to watch your friends go up and sing their favorite songs and, of course, be the star of the show with your incredible vocals!

You don’t have to own a karaoke machine (1995 anyone?) to have a karaoke night. Pull up YouTube karaoke tracks and sing along!

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Board Games

Monopoly may be a little too slow for an unstoppable slumber party. But you can still play card games like Uno. Or take it to the next level with Cards Against Humanity (depending on the type of humor your group enjoys).


If you’re a Millennial, you know what M-A-S-H is! Kick it old school and play the games you and your friends used to playback in middle school! Who wouldn’t want to imagine being married to Leonardo DiCaprio with five kids and a Porsche?!

And yes, ladies, this also includes making paper fortune tellers. With the numbers and colors on each side to reveal your totally real future. Except you can use fortunes to apply to your life now like you’ll meet a hot guy at Starbucks or win the lottery! Nothing is impossible!

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Let’s be honest. You can’t have an adult slumber party without some wine and cocktails, am I right? Get creative and make some tasty cocktails for you and your friends. There are so many delicious recipes online that might turn me into an alcoholic (gasp was that on my paper fortune teller?!).

Of course, you can always go virgin and make your drinks mocktail style if getting tipsy isn’t of interest. Gotta consider everyone in attendance while still having fun.

Upgrade Your Clothing

Get out your sewing kit, scissors, and the internet because we’re about to turn some boring clothes into cute outfits! Before the party, buy some secondhand t-shirts in bulk for you and your friends to redesign and repurpose. It’s a fun way to get crafty and use what you make!

Dance Party

Turn up the throwbacks and bust a move. You can have a dancing competition or just break it down with your girlfriends and have fun! Shuffle some classic hits and pretend like you’re back in the club in 2008.

New Arrivals


Wind down the evening by creating your own spa at home. Light some candles, apply a face mask, and put some cucumber slices on your eyes (now you’ll have depuffed eyes and a snack).

Warning: I’m about to get cheesy! You don’t have to throw a wild, expensive party to have fun; as long as you’re with your friends, that’s all that matters. Alright, cheesiness over. Try these fun activities at your next adult slumber party to create a memorable night full of laughs and smiles!

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