The Best Clean Foundations (I’ve Tried So Far)

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Hey friend,

Finding a clean foundation or just clean makeup, in general, is sometimes like searching for that darn needle in a haystack. So many companies claim to be clean but really aren’t (or are only to a certain degree…) others are just so expensive you might as well buy a used Honda Civic….

Anyway, I have been testing a few clean (or mostly clean) foundations lately trying to find that perfect one and I have some thoughts to share. So let’s dive in as I go through the best clean foundations…so far!

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The best clean foundations |
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The Best Clean Foundations (I’ve Tried So Far) 

Face Tape Foundation by Tarte

I’m starting with my tried and true foundation pick, even though Tarte is only what I call a “clean-ish” brand. There are still a few not-so-great ingredients listed in their foundation but it’s still a much safer choice compared to a lot of others!

Anyway, I have been using this foundation since it first launched a few years ago and it’s one of the best I have ever tried. It’s full coverage, fairly matte, and the shade match is pretty awesome! However, because it’s not the cleanest ingredient-wise, I have been trying other brands in hopes of finding something I like as much as this stuff but cleaner.

I will link it here if you’ve yet to try this as I do highly recommend it and if you’re new to cleaner makeup, Tarte is actually a great brand to start with!

Alight Clean Foundation by Pacifica 

Pacifica is one of my favorite brands of makeup and skincare. They have fabulous and affordable products that are pretty clean! They are not perfect on the non-toxic spectrum, but for the most part, I feel safe using their products.

They have a few foundations but the one I keep coming back to is their Alight Clean foundation. It’s a light and clean feeling formula that never feels heavy or looks cakey. It won’t clog your pores either! Made with ingredients like seaweed and hyaluronic acid, it helps give you smoother and healthier skin with use!

You can see my love for this stuff by my almost empty one here!

It has a buildable but light to medium coverage and a good range of shades. The only downside is that if you have oily skin like I do it probably won’t be the best choice for you. I like to wear this foundation in the winter months when my skin is drier and less oily and I always set it with powder to help the shiness.

So if you like a more dewy glow with your foundation, I recommend trying this one out as well as their other amazing products!


Liquid Foundation by Mineral Fusion

Another favorite brand of mine is Mineral Fusion. They have amazing products that are safe and clean and work pretty well! I have been on and off using their classic liquid foundation and if all you’re looking for is strickly that, then this is it!

With medium to full coverage, this lightweight foundation is pretty simple. It does the job and doesn’t get too cakey for rough-looking towards the end of the day, especially if you set it right. This is a pretty basic foundation but I like it. It looks nice on my skin and I recommend it if you have oily and or combination skin.

You can check it out right here and let me know what you think! When trying to find healthier and cleaner makeup, this stuff makes a very good pick! Here’s a look at the very loved bottle of mine!

10 Collagen Cushion Compact Foundation by Mirenesse

Ok, this stuff….this brand….I have no words, only a heart eyes emoji! Mirenesse is a clean makeup brand from Australia and their stuff is highly coveted and can sometimes be hard to find! But have no fear, as I just found their best foundation at Nordstrom Rack! 

Their 10 collagen cushion compact foundation is absolutely one of the best foundations I’ve ever used, but like I said it can be a bit hard to find and also a little pricey! It’s a cushion foundation and makes your skin look practically flawless and glowing.

If you’re oily and acne-prone like me, this foundation may be best to save for those special occasions where you really want that lit from within glow and can touch up with powder throughout the day/night. I wouldn’t recommend this as your everyday foundation unless you have drier skin.

Mirenesse cushion clean foundation |never

Other Clean Foundation Options (that I have not tried but recommend!) 

Here are a few other fantastic choices for clean foundations that I highly recommend! I have not personally tried these as they are sadly not within my budget, but if you feel comfortable spending more for great quality and truly clean foundation, then take a look at these!

Vapour Organic Soft Focus Foundation

Vapour is a very loved clean makeup brand that I have been seeing around for many years now. I have wanted to try their products so badly and keep almost investing in it but manage to talk myself out of it.

Their soft-focus foundation is medium coverage, the lightweight foundation is made from all non-toxic and clean ingredients to give your face that healthy look! Give it a try today!


Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation

Juice Beauty is a brand I have tried before, they have an amazing face powder and skincare! But I have yet to try their foundation. But I am confident that it’s amazing too so I’m including it here for you as another great option!

With lots of organic extracts and ingredients, the Juice Beauty foundation sounds fabulous! I may have to break down and try it myself soon!

That’s it for now, I hope you have found your new favorite clean foundation! Let me know if you have tried any of these or if there’s another brand you love! Let’s chat makeup! Also make sure you subscribe before you go so you never miss out on new posts or anything else going on over here and plus, if you’re a mama you can download my motherhood quote graphic FREEBIES!


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