DIY Ways To Decorate With Farmhouse Fall Décor

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Farmhouse style décor has gained popularity in recent years, thanks primarily to Joanna Gaines. This country-chic style, aka farmhouse, is all about comfort and warmth. It’s relatively simple to transition this feel into fall.

Fall is a really fun time of year. I could easily buy all the fall décor I see, but that’s not reasonable! Is it!?  Come with me and explore DIY ways to decorate with farmhouse fall décor that won’t break the budget.

Let’s get crafting!

DIY Farmhouse Fall Decor |
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DIY Ways To Decorate With Farmhouse Fall Decor

Vintage Farmhouse Pumpkin

For this craft, you’ll need:

  • Mason Jar canning lid bands (approximately 25)
  • A hot glue gun
  • String
  • Spray paint (I used a creamy white)
  • Strips of either recycled book paper or any decorative book paper
  • Cinnamon sticks (5-6)
Step 1

String together the mason jar bands. Be sure that the bands are the same size. Run a string through the center and then tie it tight to form a ring. You shouldn’t be able to see the string.

Step 2

Spray-paint the bands with two to three coats.

Step 3

While the paint is drying, cut the strips to fit the bands, and once the paint is dry, hot glue the paper to the middle of each band. Allow the other end to hang. We’ll hide that in a minute.

Step 4

Since the top pieces are secure, flip your pumpkin over and wrap the strips around the bands. Make sure each strip lies flat before securing it with hot glue.

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Flip the pumpkin back over and carefully roll each band toward the center until the ends are hidden from the top.

Step 5

Gather together the cinnamon sticks. The sticks should fit snuggly in the center of the pumpkin. Add a large amount of hot glue to the sticks and place them into the “hole.” Add more glue to secure the cinnamon if you need to.

And you did it! This project would look perfect on a mantle, an entry table, or as a fun fall centerpiece for the dining room table.

Gather Sign

These signs are EVERYWHERE these days! Of course, you could purchase one, but I have one you can make yourself in less than an hour. You’ll need:

  • Letters to spell the word “gather.” I used metal ones, but whatever you find at the craft store will work great.
  • Pre-finished board. I found an 8-inch, but if you want bigger or smaller, go for it.
  • Elmer’s pro-bond advanced. This type of glue bonds together porous and non-porous materials.

Gather your letters—see what I did there—and apply Elmer’s pro-bond glue to the back. Then adhere the letters to your board. And you’re all set! Let it dry for a few hours before putting it on display.

Paint a Pumpkin

This craft is a simple and quick way to bring fall indoors! Grab a paintbrush and your favorite color of acrylic paint, and then transform your pumpkin. Now fall can match any color scheme you have going on in the home.

These are three effortless and fun ways to decorate with farmhouse décor. Enjoy!

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