How To Select a Wallpaper That Will Last

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Hi friend,

Sometimes, I walk into a space that I’ve seen a million times and just need to change it up.

Wallpaper is the patterned agenda tape of the home that lets me change up the aesthetic of a room without enduring multiple days of painting. If you are looking to add a fun and welcoming new feeling to a room, too, you need to know how to select a wallpaper that will last.

Let’s dive into a few tips to help you select the best wallpaper to freshen up your space!

How To Select A Wallpaper That Will Last

Think About the Room It’s In

Most wallpapers are still actually paper. Plastic versions do exist, and they’re what I exclusively suggest if you’re looking to add some bold patterns to your kitchen or bathroom.

Not only can vinyl wallpaper handle a humid environment, but you can also clean it without worrying that you’ll pull the sponge away and find missing wallpaper.

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Avoid Dated Designs

One of the best things about wallpaper is how easily it reflects a creative soul. Peel-and-stick wallpapers are especially great for people who want to desperately change up their rooms every so often.

The downside of artistic power, however, is that designs don’t always stand the test of time. I recommend keeping your future self in mind when you pick out a pattern and trying to focus on which fashion choices you will or won’t appreciate in a year or two.

New Arrivals

Go for Easy Maintenance

Wallpapers that are easy to clean—or even better, just plain hard to get dirty—are bound to last longer than anything delicate. I’m not interested in cleaning my walls every weekend, so I shop for wallpaper that’s hardy and self-sustaining.

Specific kinds of wallpaper need to be cleaned in different ways, so I suggest looking at care instructions before buying anything. Be sure to apply the wallpaper properly, as one little loose end or tear could ruin the whole wall!

If you’re looking to decorate a room for your little one, I highly recommend using fabric wall stickers as they are nontoxic as most vinyl products are unfortunately not as safe as you may think. Always research your products, mamas!

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