9 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Planning Your Wedding Reception

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Hey friend,

It goes without saying that everyone wants their wedding day to be one-of-a-kind. Many couples spend weeks, even months planning their wedding and making their special day even more special. 

But the wedding planning process is definitely not as easy as it seems. From selecting the perfect dress to finalizing the best decor, everything can be pretty overwhelming. Especially when it comes to the wedding reception, things can get overwhelming fast. So here are some things to ask yourself! 

9 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Planning Your Wedding Reception

Unless you are a professional wedding planner, planning your special day can be exhausting. It might even end up giving you some bridezilla moments. So, if your date is right around the corner and you have no idea how to plan your wedding reception, here’s something that might save you from all the hassle.

The first step is to visualize the kind of reception you want. Read on to know more about the questions you need to ask before planning your wedding to wow your guests and celebrate your special day. Don’t forget to take notes. 

9 questions to ask before planning your wedding reception |neveralonemom.com
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Do you want an outdoor wedding reception?


If you go for an outdoor one, you’ll also have to consider weather conditions and have an alternate plan in case of rain or snow. Or, if you want to plan a destination reception party, then you’ll have to take care of everything from transportation to hotel check-ins to ease things for your guests. 


Would you prefer a buffet or a formal plated sit-down dinner?


Food plays a crucial role in every party. That’s why you need to decide whether you would like to organize a buffet or a formal sit-down dinner. Although the latter is one of the popular options, the choice totally depends on you.

You can also go for a brunch or a cocktail reception party. Also, you would need to settle on what kind of food you want to serve. Make sure you have something for everybody. For instance, there must be at least two dishes for vegans and vegetarians. Try talking to your caterer about this; their team will give you some sample menus for your party. 


Do you want limited guests at your reception? 


This is something many couples have their focus on. Not everyone wants to invite everyone they ever met in life. And not everyone wants a reception party with limited guests. So, before you start planning your reception party, you need to draft a guest list so that you don’t miss out on inviting anyone.

You can also consider having event security professionals to steer clear of wedding crashers. The professionals will also help you manage the crowd and save your special day from any chaos. 


What kind of seating arrangements would you want?


You should know that it is really embarrassing to not be able to provide ample room for your guests. You wouldn’t want that. Right? So, once you are done sending out invitations or the “save the date” cards to your guests, you need to map out your reception space accordingly. First of all, you need to think about the fact that your venue is big enough to accommodate all your guests.

Secondly, you need to plan the seating arrangements keeping in mind all the age groups. For instance, have a “kids table” with all the games to keep little ones from running around. For this, you would need to have place cards for everybody to know where they’re supposed to sit. 


How would you like to meet your guests?


Your guests would definitely want to come and congratulate you on your big day. To avoid any chaos, you need to come up with a well-crafted plan. You can consider organizing a receiving line so that all your guests can meet and greet you easily.

They’ll also get to congratulate you on your special day. For this, you’ll also have to settle on a specific order where the bride and groom’s parents should get the priority. Or, if you want to keep things informal, you can even consider visiting every table at the party. 

Do you want a DJ or a band? 


Every couple has their own music preferences. You need to settle on a trending one so that all your guests can enjoy it. You can also request the DJ or the lead singer of a band to play your favorite song. Or request them to officially announce you for the first time as a married couple as soon as you both enter the reception. You can also plan to get straight to your first dance and mesmerize everyone with your moves. 


Would you like to add entertainment to the party? 


Obviously, every couple wants their guests to enjoy their special day. But there are times when the reception party becomes a bit bland. To avoid this, you can always consider adding some entertainment elements to your party. For instance, you can put in some games such as couple trivia or any other group activities you think your guests might have fun playing. You can also have some dancing sessions for your guests and request the DJ or the band to select some music keeping in mind all age groups. 


How would you like your pictures to be taken? 


As compared to the actual wedding, the reception party is the best time to click some great couple and group pictures. Now you need to decide what kind of pictures you want to commemorate your wedding. From candid to formal portraits, you have many options to choose from for your wedding pictures.

Also, you would need to select adequate timing for the photographs. You would also need to talk to your photographer in advance about this. Also, suppose you are thinking about getting any kind of props or backdrops. In that case, you need to prepare way before your reception date to avoid any last-minute struggles.

What kind of decoration would you prefer?


The decoration is definitely essential in every wedding. Whether you want low-key or grand receptions, either way, you need to focus on the decoration part. The best part of the decoration is that you can always consider going overboard for it. For instance, you can personalize the decorations with your pictures.

Or you can use the flower arrangements for elegant front-door decorations with swags of greenery and lanterns leading your way to the venue. You can use it to make your entry as a newly wedded couple really mesmerizing and romantic. 


In the end


To organize any important event, the key is to prepare a plan and stick to it. It’ll help you foresee any challenges and find solutions beforehand to avoid any last-minute anxieties. So, ask yourself the above-mentioned questions and plan a perfect reception party to celebrate your wedding with people you love. 

I hope this post has helped you start to think about the kind of wedding reception you’d like to have! If you found this helpful let me know in the comments and be sure to stick around and subscribe before you go! I’d love to have you!

Love, JesseXO 

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