Self Love Practices Every Woman Should Have

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Hey friend,

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear people talk about love? At that time, how often do you think about your primary relationship – the one with yourself? Hang on for a second and think about your feelings toward yourself. Do you pay attention to yourself, or do you love yourself? 

Today I’d like to share a few practices that will create the perfect recipe for self-love! Read on to learn more!

Self Love Practices Every Woman Should Have 

Sadly, many people have their default mode of being self-critical. As per a study, nearly 50% of the individuals are not self-compassionate. A matter of fact is that many of us are harsh on ourselves. As per one of the pioneering self-compassionate researchers, everyone has different experiences in life, but generally, women face a hard time in adopting the mode of self-love in comparison to men.


So, all the women out there, the time has come to turn around the tables and break the patterns of self-doubt. Are you ready to love yourself a little more? If yes, then keep scrolling to know the perfect recipe of self-love that you need to have.

Self love practices every woman should have |
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Stop comparing

You have heard it a million times, yet you compare yourself with others. Whether it is income, Instagram likes, job title, or anything else, there are endless categories where you compare yourself with others. And this is the reason for unhappiness. As per a study, comparison leads to feelings of depression and loneliness.


When you look at others, you lose precious time that you could have invested in yourself. Hence, nurture your own grass instead of focusing on others’ gardens. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparing your body, mothering skills, home, and so much more on a daily basis but you know what? You are fabulous just as you are, so straighten your crown and appreciate what you have and who you are! 


It is okay to make mistakes

Since childhood, everyone is told that nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. But as you grow older, you try not to commit any mistakes. Don’t pressurize yourself and believe that it is okay to make mistakes. In this way, you learn and grow more. Besides, don’t hold onto the things of the past.  


Forgive yourself and live more closely to your values. Mistakes are the stepping stones of success and strengthen you as a whole. This will take you closer to the way of self-love.

Do things that bring happiness to you

Whether you are unsatisfied with your job, or you are doing it just to pay your bills, that is perfectly okay. But here comes the vital question – What hobby do you follow, or what is the thing that you do for the rest of the day to nourish yourself? What is the unique talent that makes you feel happy all the time? Whatever it is, start taking out time for it and let it nurture your happy times. 


Indulging yourself in fun-loving or engaging activities activates an area called the nucleus accumbens in the brain. The nucleus accumbens is the area that is responsible for how you feel about life. So, nourish your mind with the activities that bring happiness to you. 


Prioritize your health and skin

Treat your body as a temple. Healthy eating and exercise are the secrets of a sound body. Cut out on sugars and drink plenty of water. Don’t think about skipping meals. Instead, grab something healthy to munch on, like a homemade charcuterie board. 

Neuroscience experts say that if your blood sugar level sinks, it sends stress signals to your brain. So, if you cannot grab a meal for any reason, ensure to have healthy snacks within the arms reach. 


Besides, pay attention to your skin as it acts as a protective barrier for the infection-causing bacteria and viruses. If these bacterias enter the body through any means, it wreaks havoc on the immune system. Therefore maintain healthy and glowing skin.

Start adopting naturally made products for your skin and steer clear of chemically-driven products. No wonder that if you are successful in maintaining good skin, you will feel more confident.  


Put yourself first

It is needless to say that women often put others before themselves. It is not wrong. However, there is a time and a place for this. Indulging in too much care of others can cost you your mental/emotional well-being. And you do not want that, right? So, start looking after yourself before others. 


Learn to say no. If you say yes to everything, you can never reach your goal. Finding it difficult to do? Here is an easy way to do it – Set a goal of a few days, say, for example, seven days. Now, say no to every invitation you will get in these seven days, and you are good to go. After doing this, you will find it easier to decline the things that you do not want to do.

Letting go of the toxic people

There is always at least one person in everyone’s life that makes you feel worse after interacting with them. It can be a manipulative family member or a colleague, or any known person. If they bring toxicity to your life and drain your energy, it’s time to step away from them. Though it might be painful, at the same time, it is important and liberating. 


Do not forget to protect and conserve your energy. It is never wrong to remove those people from your life who make you feel less about yourselves and who drain you. 


Relish the “me-time”

Many individuals fear living alone or being alone. But you can use this “me-time” as a tool. Make the best use of it in sheer contemplation. If your schedule is going hectic, take a break and relax. These moments of introspection help you make better choices and motivate you on the path of building self-love. 

If you are a mom, then “me-time” is so very precious. Use this time wisely and choose to do something you truly want to do and not settle for something you need to do.


 So, free yourself from all the digital devices during your solo time. Checking it midway defeats the purpose of alone time. You might come across a status that can make you feel left out. So, save yourself from checking your phone and enjoy the time with yourself. 


To sum it up all

Believe it or not, the journey of self-love isn’t an easy one, especially if you are a woman. It is not something that can happen overnight. But as you start putting effort into it, you will be able to open doors of more positivity and strength in your lives. 


You may struggle a little, but when you look back at your efforts in loving yourself, you will realize that these were the stepping stones towards your successful journey.

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Love, JessXO

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