How To Make Your Leggings Last Longer

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We’ve all been there. Retiring your favorite leggings after years of fashionable and comfortable service is a tragedy. Finding a pair to replace them is even harder. While no piece of clothing lasts forever, I love finding tips and hacks to make my most beloved pieces stick around a little longer. The good news is that you can prevent your leggings from shrinking, losing their shape, and thinning out over time. It’s not hard—it just takes a little care and attention. Check out my best tips for how to make your favorite leggings last longer.

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How To Make Your Leggings Last Longer

Avoid Washing Too Much

It goes against my nature to not throw clothes in the wash right away. After all, going out in wrinkly or worn clothes is a social nightmare. Even worse, what if you walk out the door without catching that stain? With leggings, though, washing them too often can ruin the fabric.

Leggings and yoga pants—especially high-quality ones—consist of technical fabrics. It’s how they lift and support us so well. Unfortunately, these fancy fabrics fall apart if you wash them too much. Obviously, I still toss my leggings straight into the laundry after a good run or hot yoga class. But if you just spent the day lounging around in your comfiest pants, they can probably go for another wear before they hit the washing machine.

Also, a little spritz of spray deodorant or body spray ( non-toxic and synthetic fragrance-free, of course!) in the crotch to keep things smelling nice in that area!

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Don’t Put Off Laundry

I know, I know, I’m contradicting myself. There’s a fine balance between washing too much and not washing enough. The trick is to find that happy middle ground. This is a crucial part of how to make your favorite leggings last longer.

Once your leggings are ready for a wash, get them in there quickly. Letting dirty or sweaty leggings sit in your laundry basket causes bacteria and odors to linger, which makes the pants harder to clean. Plus, larger loads are harder to manage. If you let your laundry pile up, the bacteria from your leggings can spread to all your other clothes. That’s why I like to do a small load of workout clothes pretty soon after an intense workout.

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Perfect Your Laundry Game

Being a mom means being a laundry expert, but there are still a few rules we have to keep in mind when we run our leggings through the wash. Some tips for washing your leggings are intuitive: turn them inside out to preserve the color, be careful with zippers, and wash with similar colors. Other rules are a little less familiar.

Avoid using fabric softener. Keep the heat low in the wash and stay out of the dryer entirely. I like to lay my leggings flat so that they retain their shape as they dry. Little practices like these keep your favorite bottoms fresh, vibrant, and functional, which means you can continue to enjoy them for years to come!

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