Choose Fabric Wall Stickers In Your Nursery

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Nowadays, most parents try to keep toxic chemicals out of their children’s environment. They purchase organic food in BPA-free containers. They make sure toys and teethers don’t contain PVC and use VOC-free paint in the nursery. So why choose a wall sticker that will literally poison your baby’s air?

Phthalates and volatile organs can be found in vinyl wall stickers which is a terrifying thought! Here is an amazing option that I am so excited to share! Safe and non-toxic fabric wall stickers!

 Choose Fabric Wall Stickers For Your Nursery


Choose fabric wall stickers for your nursery! |
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Wall Stickers That Aren’t Toxic

Fabric Wall Stickers are a Fantastic Choice for Nursery and Children’s Rooms.

The wall stickers I want to share with you are from Fabric Wall Stickers and are composed of vinyl-free, PVC-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free adhesive fabric. The stickers remain non-toxic and will biodegrade once they have been discarded. They’ve even thought about the packaging: they wrap their stickers in compostable cellophane and mail them in cardboard tubes (recyclable).


Many wall stickers can be a source of contaminants in your child’s environment that you don’t want them to be exposed to. Fabric adhesive stickers provide a safe alternative.

Wall stickers are a fantastic method to design your child’s or baby’s room as they can swiftly transform a spot without the mess of paints or stencils. The majority of businesses, however, choose vinyl to create their decals. Vinyl refers to polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC), also known as the most hazardous plastic.


Still not convinced? Here are some additional reasons why fabric wall stickers are safe for both your child and your walls.


Removable AND Reusable Fabric Wall Stickers

Another thing to keep in mind is that while vinyl wall stickers are removable, the vast majority of them seem to be only ideal for one use even when they’re scraped off the wall. These fabric wall stickers can be adjusted and removed multiple times without losing any stickiness.

That means you can easily relocate them to a different wall, room, or even another house! Yet, the perks aren’t limited to the long term. It can take some effort to get the design just right when applying wall stickers. If you don’t get it right the first time with fabric stickers, simply peel them off the wall and reapply.

“Are these wall decals safe to use on walls?”

Yes, to put it bluntly. Fabric wall stickers are very gentle on the surface of the wall. Simple instructions are provided to assist you in preparing the walls before applying the paint. They can be used, relocated, reused, and replaced.


“What materials are used to produce fabric wall stickers?”

These nursery wall stickers are made of a high-quality polyester fabric that can be applied to just about any flat surface. The water-based inks of our decals possess a lovely soft fabric-like texture, and the colors are vibrant. The sticky back adhesive would not lose its stickiness or leave any sticky residue on your walls.


When you buy fabric wall stickers, you are helping to save the earth. Not only is this product free of PVC and BPA, but it is also printed using non-toxic eco-solvent inks that do not contain any dangerous VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that have been linked to cancer.

If you’re interested in checking these out, please use the code: GB10 for 10% off your order! For all the links and information for Fabric Wall Stickers, look below!

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