Tips To Make Your Home Fun for the Kids This Summer

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Hey mama friend,

Summer is the perfect time for casual, laid-back days, bare feet, and a loose schedule. School is over, and the kids are ready to play and enjoy the lazy days of summer along with their friends. Take a look at my tips to make your home fun for the kids this summer, and get ready to make your home into a place where the kids want to hang out.

How To Make Your Home Fun For The Kids This Summer

How to make your home fun for the kids this summer |
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Keep Outdoor Supplies Close By

When the kids head out to play in the sun, I like to make it easy for them to grab what they need. It’s fun for them and easier on me when they aren’t running inside every minute yelling for something.

Here’s a list of items I keep in the garage, on the deck, or wherever a convenient location is at the time for my family. Plastic bins work great for them. These items include:

  • Water balloons
  • Squirt guns
  • Pool toys
  • Sprinkler toys
  • Sidewalk chalk

Keeping these fun, simple things on hand all summer pleases kids of all ages, creates a lot of laughter, and keeps kids outside having fun for hours.

Stock up on Favorite Snacks

Get ready for the groceries to start disappearing quicker than they do during the school year. When the kids are home all summer, I often feel like as soon as I put groceries away, it’s time to shop again. I just embrace it and try to make eating at home fun for the kids and their friends.

For starters, I get the pantry organized. When food items become buried and lost, I end up wasting money buying things that I already have, and that’s frustrating. Keeping the pantry clean and organized helps kids find things quickly, which means fewer complaints and requests for me.

Don’t forget classic summer snacks like popsicles. Fill the freezer with everyone’s favorites so that the kids can grab a cold snack after a long day outside.

Fun Space in the House

During the warm months, my goal is to get the kids outside as much as possible. Still, there are rainy days that bring them back inside. Personally, I like to make sure there’s a designated area for the kids every summer. So, no matter what happens, there’s a place for them to chill out and have fun. Here’s what goes in that room:

  • A television
  • A video game console
  • Board games and cards
  • Art supplies
  • A Bluetooth speaker
  • A basket of fun-size chips and cookies to share with friends

It’s very important to me to make my children’s friends feel completely welcome. I like the fact that they know I’ll have their favorite chips on hand, just as I will for my own children. It lets them know my home is a safe and fun place to hang out. The best part is, it keeps my kids in my sight.

When you use my tips to make your home fun for the kids this summer, you and your kids are bound to make a summer filled with sweet memories and plenty of laughter. Enjoy preparing your home, and most of all, enjoy this time with the kids. Before you know it, they’ll be too busy to stay home and play.

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Love, JessXO 

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