How To Homeschool With A Baby

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Hey mama friend,

Trying to homeschool younger children and toddlers is a tricky enough adjustment in itself. When you have a baby in the mix, too, the task can seem pretty daunting! But it is possible, and it is just for a short time. 

This article gives you a few tips on how to ride out the storm and provide fun and enriching environments for all your little munchkins! Keep scrolling for more tips to help you homeschool with a baby in tow!

How To Homeschool With A Baby – Can They Mix? 


Work to a flexible schedule

A schedule is a guideline, not an absolute necessity. Sticking to it is great, but do not get put out if something gets in the way of it. If the kids (or you!) want to sleep in a bit, then do. If you find that your child responds well to home school in the morning but the afternoons are a bit more of a challenge, then work around that.

A schedule is supposed to be a way of getting through the day, not something you have to stick to at all costs. When you homeschool, you have got to be flexible! especially if you homeschool with a baby! 

How to homeschool with a baby |
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Naptime is key!

Newborn babies are not always known for sleeping at the same times every day. But when they nap, you can capitalize on the time by doing some school time with your other children.

Working around a baby’s nap schedule can be the best of all worlds for everyone. You do not have the stress of juggling maths with diaper changes, and the older children will have your undivided attention for their school work. You will also find you get more done in those short bursts when the baby is sleeping rather than longer periods when you have interruptions. 


Get some useful accessories

It may not always be possible to neatly slot schoolwork into a baby’s nap times. So it’s important to have some backup plans for when the stars do not align. Handy accessories like a swing for infants can buy you some valuable time to focus on homeschooling while knowing that baby is happy and entertained. 

It may also be useful to set up a small play area with some special toys in. You can use this as a carrot for a baby to only play in that area when you are homeschooling. Baby has an incentive to look forward to playing area time, and you and the older kids can grab some valuable minutes to get some school work done.

Look after yourself too

The kids are your world. But to have mom feeling good and in the best possible shape to juggle the day, it is in everyone’s interest that you look after yourself.

Alongside home life, breastfeeding, and a lack of sleep, homeschooling can mean you push your own health and wellbeing too far down the list.

To do so can be easier said than done. But grab a bite to eat in the morning while the little ones eat their breakfast. Try to fit in a walk to your schedule where you can – you could even build this into homeschooling by practicing some number challenges with the kids while you walk. Count different colored cars or buses and practice different words. 

In short, try to prioritize your own health and wellbeing over homeschooling. Remember that kids will lose out a lot more if you are not feeling fit and healthy than they will over a few hours of homeschooling. 


Make use of little pockets of time

When a baby is enjoying a bottle feed or falls asleep just after is a perfect time to get a little homeschooling in. You will not be able to do much else, so put a lesson on TV and go over it together. Or use the time to read an interactive story together.

Homeschooling can seem daunting, but by using some of these simple tips, you can make the best of it. Do not overexert yourself or your kids with extra clubs and sports at this time. It will not last forever, and you will enjoy your time together more by focusing on each other. 

The best advice is to pull together and remember that you will look back and treasure this time together, although it may seem daunting. 

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Love, JessXO 

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