What To Do With Unwanted Furniture

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Hey mama,

In storage units, basements, and garages everywhere, the remnants of living rooms past haunt the spaces like the unfriendly specter from A Christmas Carol. And just like the ghosts visiting Ebenezer Scrooge that Christmas Eve night, they are often much more troublesome to remove than one might assume. For anybody struggling with what to do with unwanted furniture, here are a few options to permanently rid yourself of the piece.

What To Do With Unwanted Furniture

What to do with your old furniture |neveralonemom.com
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Give It Away

This may be a giant “duh!” but how to go about giving away your furniture is something to think carefully about. If the furniture is in good condition, consider offering it to friends and family who might need it. This route is especially helpful with children’s furniture that your kids have outgrown. Giving the items away is a great way to help your friends while solving your own problem.

Make a Donation

Similar to giving it away to friends, you can donate the furniture to a charitable organization. Many donation centers take sofas and recliners still in good condition and resell them to fund their charity’s efforts. Donating your old furniture may also qualify you for tax breaks the following year for the value of your donation.

Don’t forget that places such as Goodwill are great options! Also, Habitat For Humanity is another option to look into!

Resell It Yourself

The cost for new furniture is always difficult to swallow for some buyers. By reselling your old furniture yourself, you can recoup some of the costs of buying new items. Garage sales, classified ads, and internet marketplaces are all great avenues to try to sell your old sofa.

While bringing in extra money from the stuff you don’t want can be nice, it’s important to remember you still need to retain the basic furniture pieces that complete a living room. Another fun option when reselling older pieces is to do some easy DIY and upgrade the furniture. This way you can get more money for it as well as enjoy using your creativity to make something old into something new and beautiful!


Junk Hauling Service

Some homeowners are baffled with what to do with unwanted furniture because many neighborhood trash companies will not take oversized items like your old sectional. If you want to simply get rid of the piece as quickly as possible and forget about it, hire a local junk removal service to come to take the items away. They will handle the removal and disposal processes while you enjoy your new furniture.


Just because the trash companies refuse to take it away, that doesn’t mean the item cannot go to a landfill. If you’ve run out of options but have the vehicle for the job, you can take the furniture to the city dump yourself. Just remember that this should be a last resort after exploring all other options.

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