Tips For Working With A Divorce Attorney

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Hey mama,

Divorce can be hard. That’s no secret. When facing the legalities not to mention the emotional aspects, filing for divorce is gut-wrenching and challenging. So to help you understand what lies ahead when it comes to working with a divorce attorney, here are some tips gathered and written by a friend of mine to help in this difficult time.

Tips For Working With A Divorce Attorney

Tips for working with a divorce attorney |
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Make your Worries Disappear and Rights Intact with a Divorce Attorney 

You’re not experiencing marital bliss anymore. The constant fights and arguments with your husband take a toll on your mental health, and filing for a divorce is the only thing you deem fit. And, why not? No happy marriage ends with a divorce. If counseling and mediations haven’t worked, it’s the perfect time to cut ties. 


If you’re at the beginning of your divorce process in Alberta, representing yourself might be at the back of your mind. And, why not, you think it’ll save you time and money. If your marriage was short, you and your husband might be committed to bringing about an end to it without indulging in a financial battle.

You have no assets and children. You’re an independent woman, and you might not wish to receive support from your spouse (alimony). But what if the situation is different? What if you have had a lasting marriage, and there are children whose needs you wish to cater to? 


What are the Parental Rights and Responsibilities?


Before a divorce, both the parents of the child are on an equal footing. Important decisions about a child’s life like determining their place of Canadian residence and others required equal participation of the parents. Divorce is known to be a challenging process, especially for the woman and the children. Divorce brings about a change in the landscape, mainly when the parents won’t live in the same residence. But, that only enhances the importance of both parents’ constant involvement in raising children. That’s where the term “parental rights and responsibilities” encompasses. 


Courts give parents the opportunity of determining the maxims. Do emotions overwhelm your decisions? Well, the best thing to do is have a divorce lawyer in Alberta so that you make a trusted decision without losing your mental and physical health. Some of the significant benefits of hiring a divorce lawyer are:

  • Law Knowledge:


The best reason for having a divorce attorney for your divorce proceedings is an excellent grasp of the law. Thus, they’ll be in a better position of helping people with their legal proceedings. It becomes vital to take note of the law variations from state to state and country to country. A professional who knows these variations can help you keep your process on track. He/she will see the court proceedings and tries best to make the divorce as peaceful and prosperous as possible. 


  • Objective Advice:


It can be too distracting, emotional, and disruptive to go through a divorce. The complexity, money, and time are not to mention. Hiring a Canadian divorce lawyer helps you in gaining an outside team member with an expert perspective. He/she will answer all your questions and guide your decision-making processes and establish priorities. Most divorce cases end up with a compromise. Both the parties may end up with a solution that’s the best for everyone involved, but may not be the one they might be hoping for. 


An experienced lawyer will help make you focus on the bigger picture rather than cribbing about the case’s smaller aspects. Experienced divorce attorneys realize that their clients have limited money and time and wish to move through the process quickly. 


  • The Custody Aspect:


Custody isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition like many people think it is. After a divorce case, suppose the mother gets detention, which means total control. But, custody with the mother doesn’t mean zero control/ decision-making with the father. Possession is more like a multi-layered concept. 


Legal custody means the parents’ rights of making decisions related to the child’s upbringing, like public or private schools, medical needs, religious education, etc. Physical custody, on the other hand, means the place of the child’s residence. The couple can exercise sole or joint parental rights on the child’s custody. Sole custody means one of the parents makes all the significant decisions about the child. 


With joint custody, both the parents make an equal contribution to the child’s decision-making process. Joint physical custody means that the child lives with both parents. Note that sole custody is rare in today’s time and happens only when the court finds one parent to be unfit to be involved in the decision-making process. Thus, with an Alberta divorce lawyer beside you, you’ll be able to handle the custody process with complete ease. 

  • Offer Alternatives:


Divorces are complicated, especially when it comes to mothers. Most cases end up in court, which takes a lot of time, and is expensive. The embarrassment and exhaustion– not to mention. Thus, with a divorce attorney, the couple can finalize the divorce case through alternative means. They need not necessitate a court case. The couple can calmly negotiate in the presence of a divorce attorney in the comforts of their home. 


  • Division of Assets:


An attorney will help you go through the divorce with your spouse in the best manner while ensuring that both the partners get the best deal while splitting up. With an experienced attorney, you can calm the negotiation process with your spouse to ensure that both of you get what you deserve and it is fair. The attorney’s presence may help you identify the loopholes so that you attain a more significant share of property and assets. 


  • Paperwork:


Going through a divorce may mean being buried alive under the mountain of paperwork. It can be challenging to find the forms you’ll require for your unique situation. You’ll need to collect all the information for completing them, which can be both difficult and tiring. Thus, it is vital to produce paperwork for the judge to decide the outcome of your case. If you use wrong information or wrong tone, the judge may perceive you as a careless person.


With an experienced divorce attorney, there’ll be the security of having your paperwork filed properly. It will also increase your chances of the judge viewing your argument favorably. Many cases are bogged down in the court system due to loopholes in the work presented by the couple themselves. 

Final Takeaways


Hiring a divorce lawyer is the right call for you, owing to several reasons. In addition to having a family court or marital law expert on your team, you can experience the bliss of better advice, foresee the bigger picture, and gain outside perspectives. The best part is that you don’t have to go through divorce proceedings alone. 


Hiring a divorce attorney in Alberta is an ideal option since divorce is an expertise area, and an attorney ensures that you and your family go through the stressful time quickly and smoothly. 

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Love, JessXO 

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