Free and Easy Ways To Have Fun with Your Kids

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Hey mama,

While this pandemic and subsequent quarantine have felt like an eternity, hunkering down in the house with your kids might just feel like two. Your kids are likely getting a bit antsy and bored, so I’m sharing a few free and cheap ways to have fun with your kids to give you a chance to bond and burn off some of that pesky energy.

Easy Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids

Ways to have fun at home with your kids |
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Family Fitness

Want to be sneaky and slip in some exercise? Try doing a workout with your kids. With the modern convenience of the internet, it’s easy to find workout videos that you and your kids can follow along to; all you need to do now is entice them to do the exercises with you.

While some kids are eager to just get involved and mimic what their parents are doing, others may need a bit more motivation. Introduce some friendly competition with your kids, offering a small reward for whoever can complete the workout or does the best.

Public Parks

Perhaps your kids must absolutely get out of the house, but you’re worried about going into public. A public park can be a great solution—even during the winter. Most folks don’t want (or think) to go to public parks during the winter months, which makes it the perfect place.

You won’t have to worry about social distancing from other families, and a public park provides plenty of space to run around and play in the snow within a safe outdoor environment. Once your kids start playing, they’ll warm right up, and the cold will no longer be a problem. Afterward, you can head home to warm up with some hot cocoa.

Movie Marathons

In the evening, when remote work and school e-learning is finished, you have the perfect opportunity to get together as a family. The best, most affordable way to have fun with your kids is to have a movie night. Going through the extra effort to make popcorn and create an optimal environment for movies emulates the theater experience.

This small effort makes the evening feel like a little special event to your kids, which makes the experience more exciting. My son and I enjoy having movie marathons together on weekends, now especially that he’s old enough that we are into most of the same things. Star Wars anyone?

Arts and Crafts

You can’t beat the classics. Arts and crafts are a time-honored pastime that allows your kids to flex their creativity and busy their hands. You need only provide your kids with a few materials—whether that be crayons, paper, or Play-doh—and then let them loose. A little bit of absolute freedom goes a long way in satisfying a kid’s desire to play.

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