Hobbies That Can Make You Money

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Hey mama,

Hobbies are fun and can even reduce stress by allowing us to focus on something other than life’s busyness. Imagine turning those skills you enjoy as a hobby into an income.

Earning money while doing something we love is the ultimate goal for many. A few common hobbies that can make you money are photography, writing, and baking. Use these ideas to get started or get your creative thoughts churning for your own hobby.

Hobbies That Can Make You Money

Hobbies that can make you money |neveralonemom.com
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Have you noticed your friends and family constantly saying you take the best pictures? If you enjoy this artform—even with just your smartphone as a camera—then freelance photography could be a great hobby-turned-business idea for you!

As you become more serious, of course, it would be best to invest in better equipment and do some research to improve your already natural photography skills. In areas like photography, new ideas and technologies are always emerging.

Find your niche by experimenting with different types of photography. Family portraits, weddings, animals, and scenery are a few different options. Choose the area you are passionate about and start spreading the word that you are available.


Writers are needed everywhere. If you thought your writing was just for fun, think again. Freelance writing can generate a nice income while still being fun if you enjoy the craft.

Freelance writing offers flexibility and an excellent creative outlet for the writer at heart. Newspapers, magazines, and websites are all in need of content. Ever wonder where all of that content comes from? Well, it should be coming from you.

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Build up a portfolio by writing samples, then start soliciting businesses that could use some help with their websites and social media.

Blogging can become a real career if you want to put in the effort to build your brand and truly connect with people. You can also just blog as a side hustle if you don’t have the time just yet to take it full time.


The wedding cake business has long attracted at-home bakers. Today, many of us want homemade goodies without having to make them ourselves. If baking is your gift, then share that gift with those who would purchase your confectionary creations in an instant.

Let friends and family know by advertising on social media and sending out emails. Offer free tasty samples to get their mouths watering—you’ll be off to a new baking business in no time.

These hobbies that can make you money are just a few ideas to get you started. In fact, you can achieve this side hustle with almost any special skill or hobby. Take a chance and watch your hobby—and yourself—grow as you venture into a new business.

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Crafters are making bank right now on sites like Etsy and Shopify. Everything from handmade jewelry, t-shirts, mugs, home decor, and hand-knitted scarves are all the rage these days. People are more willing than ever to support small, local, and specialty shops, and now is the time to launch your own if you have any creative talents.

I personally follow several of these little online shops and try to support them and buy their wares when I can. I just love knowing that something was handmade with love and care. It’s a great way to add some unique and or personalized touches to your life! So get crafting!

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