How To Make Your House a Calmer Place

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Hey mama,

Some mothers thrive on the bustling ruckus of family life. Then again, they might be lying. These tips for how to make your house a calmer place can help you get through the day! Let’s get right to it.

How To Make Your House A Calmer Place

How to make your home a calmer place |
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Set Boundaries

It’s not in the job description to have small people hanging on you and asking, “Why?” a hundred times without reprieve. Breaks may not be federally mandated, but no one’s going to fault you for taking an adult time-out.

Hand over the reins when you can, and spend a little time truly tending to yourself. And be firm; when you’re off, you’re off—as in not available. The boundaries can be physical, too, if you can “rope off” some territory that’s just your own. Retreat to the laundry room if you have to.

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See the Light

Things go more smoothly when Mom is in control, and a good place to start is with lighting. If there are spots in your home that are perpetually dim, add a lamp. If your rooms don’t have dimmer switches, it’s not difficult to install them.

Natural sunlight can boost your mood, so maximize your windows by getting rid of heavy draperies in favor of sheer panels. Bright light can also heighten your emotions, though, so when you’re stressed, you may prefer a darker atmosphere. Treat yourself to updated blinds that aren’t broken so that you can soften and filter the sunshine as you see fit.

Turn Off the Tech

You may enjoy zoning out with your phone when you get a few minutes, and it can be an effective escape. But scrolling social media and losing yourself on Netflix won’t refresh you so that you can get back in the game.

It’s too tempting to jump every time your phone blinks and dings, so put it in a drawer until you need it. Putting a Pixar movie on is a tried-and-true babysitter when you need a breather, but leaving the TV on all day is background chatter you don’t need. Lose the noise.

Color Your World

While it’s true that painting a wall is not going to stop the shrieking and chaos, the colors you surround yourself with can set the tone for how you deal with it. Maybe it seemed like a fun idea to make your kitchen bright red, but it’s a color that can increase your heartbeat with energy—or anger. Lighter, muted blues will give you a sense of peace, safety, and relaxation.

If a room makeover is just not going to happen, look for other ways to incorporate color therapy in your day: a tablecloth, some throw pillows, or art prints. If you need to, dress your kids in blue. After all, learning how to make your house a calmer place isn’t just for your benefit. These ideas may soothe your little savages, too.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful and that from now on you can help make your home a calmer place! Please stick around and join my mama tribe by subscribing to my list! You won’t want to miss out on new posts, updates, giveaways, and motherhood quote freebies! 

Love, JessXO

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