Tips for Designing a Kid’s Bathroom

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Hey mama,

As a mom, you know just how frustrating bath time, teeth brushing, and other nighttime and morning rituals can be. While trying to provide structure and enforce hygiene standards so children learn them, moms get driven nuts.

Sometimes the battle to get your toddler to bathe or your teen to wash their face—and not with hand soap—feels extremely discouraging. Often, making these routines a bit more fun and exciting can help encourage your kids to cooperate. Explore these tips for designing a kid’s bathroom without breaking the bank.

Tips for designing your kids bathroom |
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Tips For Designing A Kid’s Bathroom

Give It a Theme

Make the kid’s bathroom a themed room for a little extra fun. For example, if your child is super into animals, consider adding a few wall decals of their favorite species. You can even lean into the theme more with a toothbrush with animals on it and a shower curtain that’s farm, jungle, or animal-themed.

For a bigger project, consider adding mermaid tile into your bathroom to give it a mystical, nautical, princess feel for your children who love aquatics. This is a really great way to showcase their interests in a room they have to use many times a day.

Work In Your Kid’s Favorite Color

Working in your kid’s favorite color can be super fun for them—although, keep in mind how often a kid’s favorite color can change. Consider lower-cost options to showcase their current favorite color, such as a colorful shower curtain, shower rug, or towels.

Another way to help make the bathroom a little more exciting is by getting your kids’ toothbrushes, hairbrushes, washcloths, and more in their favorite color. These items have to be replaced often anyway, so if their favorite color switches on you, it’s not too difficult to adjust.

Let Them Help Design Something

Allowing your children to be involved in their bathroom’s design process is a great way to get them excited about the bathroom and look forward to their nighttime and bathing routines.


For little ones, consider giving them two tangible options in the design process, such as letting them decide on paint swatches or two different color rugs.

For older kids, take them to the store with you and let them figure out what they respond to and what they like the best.

When you include your kids’ opinions on a room that’ll be used by them, it might give them a little more ownership. This might make bedtime routines and bathing a little bit more exciting as they can proudly look at the items or decorations they chose.

These are just a few tips for designing a kid’s bathroom; there are many more out there. Remember, every parent is doing their best to give their kids the best. You’re doing an amazing job at being a parent, even on the tough days.

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