Top 10 Favorite Products Of 2020

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Hey mama,

Can you believe the year is almost over?! 2020 has been a real dozy, and we have all had to find ways to keep ourselves together. So I thought I would share with you my top 10 favorite products of the year! Everything from new beauty finds, fashion, office, and more!

I am excited to share all my favorite products with you, and I hope you are ready to start a new year with enthusiasm and kiss 2020 goodbye! Let’s get started!

Top 10 Favorite Products Of 2020

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My favorite products of 2020! |
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I am starting with beauty products first since there are quite a few! I’m sure you can relate to having a little more focus on self-care this year, and discovering new beauty products, techniques, and routines! I know that’s been me in 2020!


The first product I have become rather obsessed with is a good retinol serum. Now that I’m in my 30’s, it’s time to start taking better care of my skin and fighting the signs of aging. Almost nothing does the job better than good quality retinol.

The one I’ve been using is this Tree Of Life Retinol Serum from Amazon that lots of people have been raving about. It even has been featured in Glamour magazine! I really like this serum, it’s lightweight, not at all oily and I have noticed a difference in my frown lines! So I will definitely keep the obsession going for the rest of the ’20s 🙂

Next is a hair product that I recently picked up in sample size and will definitely be buying the big size of! The WaterLess dry conditioner. Yes, that’s right…dry conditioner! Everyone loves a good dry shampoo, but now you can add some conditioner too to keep your hair soft on those no shower days!

I really love this stuff, it smells amazing and makes my hair soft and manageable. I highly recommend it! Click here to grab it!

Waterless dry conditioner |

Who loves a gorgeous shiny highlight? I know I do! I decided to try the new-ish Murumuru Butter Highlight palette from Physicians Formula and I was not disappointed! These shades are stunning and I use them with every makeup look! My favorite highlights ever! If you haven’t tried, then you must! Get yours here.

Lastly for the beauty related items, is this silicone head massager! This thing does a great job of helping to scrub your scalp when you need a good clean and is also good for hair growth, plus it just feels really good!

Head massager |

I love this thing and keep it in my shower and use it with my shampoo and really get all clean and get rid of build-up. It’s awesome!

BabeBox - Get Your First Subscription Box Free!


Now onto my favorite products, I love for my home office! Working from home is awesome, a true blessing, and finding items to make it better is absolutely great. First up is something I’ve been wanting for a long time now, which is this retro-style round key keyboard! I have always wanted a round key keyboard for all my computer typing, I just love the way it feels so old-school, almost like a typewriter but way cooler.

Best part? It comes in PINK. So…you know I had to have it! Check it out here! 

  This item is also for the desk and I was really excited when I received it as a gift last Christmas! It’s this wireless phone charging mousepad! You can set your phone on it to charge while you work! Your phone is still next to you, but you can charge it with no annoying cord! Brilliant!


  Now onto some fashion! I have totally fallen in love with all things leopard print this year, so when I saw this fleece leopard pullover on Shein, it had to be mine! It is so cozy and cute! I have been wearing it like constantly and I never want to take it off!

(I tried to upload the picture, but WordPress is having issues at the moment so, my apologies.)

Sadly, this style is sold out, but here are some similar options currently available on Shein. If you also love leopard print, check out this jacket! 

If you just want a similar cozy pullover, this one is good! 

So this next item…it took me a while to come around. But…I am so glad I finally did! I’m talking about the ever-growing in popularity, bralette. I was never intending to ditch my underwire bras, the idea of being more…”free” was not appealing. I need a good lift and as much padding as I can get. But…then I decided to give the bralette a chance and well….my whole world has changed.

I basically live in my Aerie bralette now and going back to my thickly padded underwires? Nah. I still feel supported and super comfy and I keep buying more in different styles and colors! I am officially riding the bralette train now. Choo choo!


Now, this next thing is actually a subscription I found and I am loving it! It is EarFleek, a monthly earring subscription that sends you 1 cute pair of earrings every month for only $3.49! Super cool right?! I don’t know about you, but I am kind of obsessed with earrings, so when I found this it was too good!

You get to go through their styles and selected the types of earrings you like and based on your picks they send you cute nickel-free earrings each month! You can subscribe by going here! 

Earfleek |

Lastly is something that was on my wishlist for a very long time! I finally got myself one and couldn’t be happier! The NutriBullet Blender is a must-have if you love smoothies like I do! Before I had this thing I was struggling with an old glass blender that just wasn’t cutting it. Now, with my NutriBullet, I can smoothie away every day!

I love that it’s the perfect size for my daily smoothie, it’s easy to clean, and comes with all the extras! It’s way more powerful than I was expecting, and it hasn’t disappointed me yet!

That’s my top 10! I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun post and I hope you stick around and join my mama tribe if you haven’t already! Subscribe to my email list to stay up to date with new posts, giveaways, & more! Plus you’ll get FREE motherhood graphics to share on Instagram!

Love, JessXO 

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