Tips for Preparing Your Child for Preschool

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Hey mama,

Preschool is an extremely important element in a child’s life. It assists and helps a child develop and grow in a multitude of ways. As a parent, there are numerous avenues and activities that you can do to properly prepare your child for preschool. Even if you are homeschooling or distance learning, you can still help your child feel excited and prepared.

Preschool right now might look different due to COVID-19, that does not mean you shouldn’t follow these tips for proper preparation. So, here are a few tips for preparing your child for preschool that can help this transitional and developmental time.

How To Prepare Your Child For Preschool 

Tips for getting your child ready for preschool |
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Read, Read, Read!

Reading books with your child can be immensely beneficial. Not only does it introduce them to new words, but also new concepts and ideas. An even better idea? Read a book about preschool! This will help talk with them about going, show them what they can expect, and get them excited about it. Overall, reading is a great way for you to interact with your child, get them introduced to the concept of preschool, and use their imagination.

Work on Self-Help Skills

With preschool comes more independence for your child. To ensure that this isn’t a huge adjustment for them, you can introduce some self-help skills for them before the actual start. Examples of how parents can do this with their children include having them wash their hands, wipe themselves after using the bathroom, putting on their own shoes, and properly using utensils when eating. All of these will be great ways to prepare them and get them started on being independent before going to preschool.

Adjust Your Schedule

Schedule changes can be hard for children. To make this easier on them, slightly adjusting your schedule overtime might be your best bet. Gradually making changes to your routines such as instilling the new school bedtime, limiting technology time, and incorporating developmental time for reading or activities will be beneficial in preparing for preschool.

Following these tips for preparing your child for preschool will help immensely. You want this to be a smooth, easy, and fun transition for them. As a parent, you can help—so do your part and get them excited for this next chapter!

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